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Can the "economic war" be won?

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A protester holds a sign reading 'No SWIFT for Russia' during a rally against the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 26, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany.


By: Romain Auzouy

1 min

This is the answer to the war in Ukraine: since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the West has increased economic sanctions.

The latest major one, the exclusion yesterday Wednesday (March 2, 2022) of seven Russian banks from Swift, a key cog in international finance.

The stated objective: "wage a total economic and financial war against Russia", in the words of the French Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire who subsequently tempered his remarks.


Is this the best option to bend President Vladimir Putin?

What are the risks of such a policy in a context of strong economic dependence on Westerners?

What are the consequences for the global balance?

To discuss:

- Michel Ruimy,

economist, professor at ESCP and Sciences Po Paris

- Ivan Samson,

professor of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Grenoble, specialist in Russia

- Carole Grimaud-Potter

, Russian geopolitics teacher, Paul Valery Montpellier University.


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