China News Service, Beijing, March 3rd: Why did Henan Satellite TV's "cultural IP industry" become so popular?

  Author Yu Qi

  "Culture is the biggest trend. The 'out of the circle' of traditional culture is not only due to the strong historical and cultural heritage, but also the public's demand for cultural products." As the executive planner of the "Chinese Festival" series, Xu Na said Say.

  In recent years, Henan Satellite TV no longer relies on traffic stars and Internet celebrities to build momentum, but focuses on mining the core of traditional culture and launches a series of "Chinese Festivals".

This not only makes it stand out in the homogenization party, but also creates popular programs such as "Tang Palace Night Banquet" and "Dragon Gate King Kong".

  The "Chinese Festivals" series of programs are produced and broadcasted by Henan Radio and TV Station around "Chinese traditional festivals", including "2021 Henan Spring Festival Gala" and "Wonderful Night of Lantern Festival", "Fantastic Tour of Qingming Festival" and "Wonderful Tour of Dragon Boat Festival", etc., highlighting the excellent tradition The extraordinary charm of culture.

What's the secret to Henan Satellite TV's popularity?

  Cultural soft power comes from the hard foundation of historical precipitation.

Under the background of China's 5,000-year history, Henan Satellite TV relies on the blessing of rich local cultural and tourism resources to revitalize traditional cultural resources.

Xu Na said, "We don't do cultural re-engraving, we are not cultural porters, but we play the role of cultural two-dimensional processors. By exploring the rhythm that echoes the present, we integrate the essence of traditional culture into our daily life. So, the 'Chinese Festival' series was born as the times require."

  Traditional festivals are the history and culture accumulated by the ancestors of China, and they are also the most respectable cultural treasures.

However, in the past, young people's cognition channels and methods of traditional culture were relatively simple and lacked interest. How to integrate traditional culture into their lives and resonate with them in a popular way is a question that Xu Na and the creative team have been thinking about.

  Xu Na believes: "The cultural self-confidence of the Chinese young generation is on the rise, and the audience needs an emotional outlet, and we just seized this opportunity to hit the expression that is more acceptable to the current young people, and use the popular 'immersive experience' Tell Chinese stories well, so that everyone can truly feel the charm of traditional culture."

  From trying to de-flow and de-routine to the mutual integration of culture and technology, Henan Satellite TV’s cross-cultural export and communication form has also created a “Chinese tide” of traditional culture abroad, which has attracted more attention.

Not only are China's "Diplomatic Mission" liked and called, but also ambassadors and counselors from Malaysia and Russia have actively reposted them on social platforms. Even during the special overseas Spring Festival events, "Tang Palace Night Banquet" was featured in Edinburgh's Great Britain. Castle screen.

  How did Henan Satellite TV, which has opened up the second line of cultural appointment and supervisor, still become popular overseas?

After constantly trying to break through, Henan Satellite TV is more inclined to content expression and form innovation, taking into account the domestic audience, but also considering the influence of overseas communication.

  Xu Na emphasized: "At present, most of the most popular and popular dance programs are dance programs. These programs do not need too much language for interpretation, but they have international dissemination. Through a body language, through a piece of music, everyone can communicate with each other. Being able to perceive the beauty of Chinese culture does not need to go into too much detail, so this may be one of the reasons why we are recognized and loved by everyone overseas. I hope international friends and overseas Chinese can see an ancient and modern China through the program. "

  Now, with the popularity of Henan Satellite TV's "Chinese Festival" series, Xu Na believes that, looking to the future, traditional culture must be "beautiful" before it "lives". From the perspective, create the spectacle visual effects of traditional culture, help the industrialization of cultural IP, and form a large-scale industrial chain.