At a monitoring meeting in Tokyo, experts said that 10,000 new coronavirus positives are confirmed daily in Tokyo, and there are concerns that the critical infection situation will be further prolonged, and emergency patients He warned that the crisis situation, which makes it extremely difficult to accept hospitalization, continues.

At the meeting on the 3rd, experts maintained the alert level of the infection situation and the medical care provision system in Tokyo at the most serious level of the four stages.

Of these, the infection status was analyzed as "a large-scale spread of infection continues."

The 7-day average of new positives was 10,690 at 2 days, down to 82% of the previous week.

Experts have been declining since peaking at 18,025 on the 8th of last month, but remain at extremely high values. I pointed out.

And, "If the increase ratio increases due to the increase in the movement of people due to events around the end of the year such as welcome and farewell parties and graduation parties, and the influence of a virus of the strain called" BA.2 ", which is a kind of Omicron strain, the infection will reappear. There is a risk of expansion. "

Furthermore, among the new positives, the percentage of those under 10 years old is the highest, and the number of parents who have to be absent from work due to the closure of nursery schools and kindergartens is increasing, and there is a concern that social function will decline.

On the other hand, experts analyzed that the medical care provision system was "tight."

In winter, there are many emergency patients such as stroke and myocardial infarction, and the general sickbed continues to be full. In addition, medical staff become infected or become close contacts, and labor shortages become normal. He pointed out that the crisis situation continues, which is extremely difficult to accept.

As of the 2nd day, the number of inpatients was 3808 and the number of severely ill patients was 68, both of which decreased from the previous week, but the percentage of elderly patients remained at a high value. If the situation lasts for a long time, the medical care provision system will become even tighter. "

Vaccination rate in Tokyo Expected to be around 50% for people over 18 years old at the end of March

At the monitoring meeting in Tokyo, if the third inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine is advanced based on the current pace, it is expected that the inoculation rate in Tokyo for those aged 18 and over will be about 50% by the end of this month. It was reported.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the vaccination rate for the third booster vaccination is 58.3% for the elderly aged 65 and over and 25.3% for the aged 18 and over as of one day.

At the monitoring meeting held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on the 3rd, the person in charge of the city reported the outlook for the future inoculation rate in Tokyo, which was estimated based on the current pace and taking into consideration the increase in large-scale inoculation venues. ..

According to this, the inoculation rate at the end of this month is expected to increase by 20 points or more in one month to over 80% for those aged 65 and over, and to nearly double to about 50% for those aged 18 and over.

Experts said, "As the rate of the third vaccination rises overseas, the number of new positives and the number of severely ill patients have been reduced, so it is very important to proceed with additional vaccination. Therefore, I would like you to consider aggressive vaccination. "