Today (the 4th), it may rain a little mainly in the central region.

The amount will not be large, but there will be thunderstorms and thunderstorms everywhere and there will be places where it will rain loudly.

There will be thick fog again in the morning.

Please be careful while driving on the way to work.

The amount is expected to be around 5mm nationwide, but the wind will blow very strongly.

In addition to facility management, you must pay special attention to safety.

I also need attention to ultra-fine dust with the yellow dust today, and it will be aware of the fine dust concentration, centered on the western region, including the metropolitan area.

The temperature this morning will start at 2 degrees in Seoul, 1 degree in Daegu, and 4 degrees in Gwangju.

The daytime temperature will rise to 14 degrees in Seoul and 17 degrees in Daegu, Jeonju and Gwangju.

Changwon and Busan are expected to be 14 degrees.

Cold winds blow over the weekend, and cold weather is expected.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)