She needs chemotherapy for 54 thousand dirhams

Breast cancer threatens the life of "Umm Muhammad"

Umm Muhammad, a Sudanese woman, 47, has been suffering from breast cancer for two years, and it began to threaten her life. She needs a special type of chemotherapy in Sheikh Shakhbout City Hospital in Abu Dhabi, for a period of six months, and the cost of chemotherapy is 72 thousand dirhams. The health insurance pays for it. 18 thousand dirhams, and 54,000 dirhams remain on her, and her financial capabilities at the time of the mortgage prevent her from securing this amount, and she appeals to the good people to extend a helping hand to her, and help her manage the cost of treatment as soon as possible, so that her life is not endangered.

Medical reports confirmed that the patient suffers from breast cancer of the second degree, and she needs doses of chemotherapy, for a period of six months, to control the disease and prevent its spread to the rest of the body.

(Umm Muhammad) told "Emirates Today" the story of her suffering with the disease, saying that she works as a CT scan specialist in a private clinic, and two years ago she felt severe pain, with a tumor in the left breast, high temperatures, and headaches, and went to the oncology department, After signing the examination, the doctor confirmed that the tumor was "benign" and did not pose a threat to her life, and gave her medications and analgesics to relieve pain.

She continued that her condition improved, but the pain soon returned terribly, forcing her to call an ambulance, and transferred her to Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City Hospital, and entered the emergency department, and the doctor requested a CT scan of the pain area, and performed some analyzes, and requested a biopsy of the tumor, to determine its type. And if it is malignant or benign, and reassurance of her health, the examination result confirmed that the tumor is "malignant", and that she has second-degree breast cancer, and she must receive chemotherapy, to reduce the size of the tumor, after which she will need to excise the left breast and restore it.

(Um Muhammad) added that she needs to start chemotherapy to save her life, explaining that she is the only breadwinner for her family of four, and her husband does not have a stable job.

She continues that she works in a private clinic with a salary of 11,000 dirhams, from which she pays 1,500 dirhams in bank installments, 2,500 dirhams for rent, and the rest of the salary for the requirements of daily life.

She confirmed that she is unable to manage the costs of chemotherapy, and she fears that the cancer will spread to the rest of her body, endanger her life, and leave her children without care.

(Umm Muhammad) explained that the disease destroys her body, which makes her family in constant sadness, an appeal to good people and people of merciful hearts to help her manage the cost of treatment, to save her life from the disease that turned her life into hell.

breast tumor

Medical reports, which Emirates Today obtained a copy of, confirmed that the patient (a 47-year-old Sudanese woman) was admitted to the hospital suffering from severe pain and a tumor in the breast, with loss of appetite and inability to eat, and after conducting examinations and analyzes, it was found that she had breast cancer. of the second degree.

She added that she needs doses of chemotherapy, and then she will undergo surgery to remove and restore the breast, to prevent the spread of cancer to the rest of the body, which threatens her life.