The spring fire prevention campaign began on the 1st, and at the disaster prevention facility in Tachikawa, Tokyo, the Tokyo Olympics, boxing girl gold medalist Sena Irie, experienced a simulated fire scene with VR = virtual reality images.

This event was held by the Tokyo Fire Department, and at the "Tachikawa Disaster Prevention Center" in Tachikawa City, which was the venue, Irie was first handed a letter of commission from the chief of the fire department for one day.

After this, Irie experienced the latest equipment using VR = virtual reality, which was introduced in the facility last June.

In addition to showing a video of a fire breaking out of the kitchen of a house when wearing special goggles, Irie had a simulated experience of the process of burning the fire vigorously with the mechanism that the smell of smoke drifts from the seat. ..

In addition, training was also conducted outdoors by the "Hyper Rescue Team" to respond to large-scale disasters, and the members confirmed the procedure for rescuing people who were late to escape from the collapsed house and for fire extinguishing activities. ..

Irie said, "I felt that it is important to prepare and prepare for the fire extinguisher as well as boxing. I would like to share this experience with the people around me."