Regarding priority measures such as prevention of spread of the deadline on the 6th of this month, Kochi Prefecture has decided not to ask the government to extend it because the number of newly infected people is declining, but to request it to be lifted in the 6th.

In Kochi Prefecture, priority measures such as prevention of spread will be applied from the 12th of last month, and the deadline will be on the 6th of this month.

Regarding this, Governor Hamada of Kochi Prefecture held a press conference on the 1st, and the number of newly infected people in the week up to the 1st was 1227, and in addition to the fact that it has been declining since the priority measures such as spread prevention were applied. , Infection of elderly people with high risk of aggravation and outbreaks in facilities and medical institutions for the elderly = clusters are also decreasing, so we requested the government to cancel it on the 6th of this month without requesting extension of priority measures. Clarified the policy to do.

He has offered to lift the priority measures for as long as one day and will enter into talks with the government.

In addition, the prefecture has requested restaurants throughout the prefecture to shorten their business hours due to the application of priority measures, but after the cancellation, they will not request the shortening of business hours.

However, we will continue to limit the number of people and time for dinner.

Governor Hamada said, "Although it is on a downward trend on a weekly basis, there are days when the number of infected people exceeds that of the previous week, and there is a concern that the situation will continue to decline even after the priority measures are lifted. I want you to continue. "