Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 1.

Question : Many colleges and universities have stopped recruiting high-level art troupes in advance, and the shortcut to lower scores for the entrance examination for famous schools has been narrowed!

  Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporters Song Jia, Xie Ying, Chen Xiyuan

  Recently, Central South University and University of International Business and Economics issued a notice announcing that they will no longer recruit high-level art troupes from 2022, which has aroused great concern from candidates and parents.

  In September 2021, the Ministry of Education required that high-level art troupes from colleges and universities will no longer be selected from the college admissions link from 2024.

"Xinhua Viewpoint" reporters found that although there are still two years before the time required by the Ministry of Education, more than 10 colleges and universities have announced that they will stop recruiting high-level art troupes in recent years.

Many colleges and universities closed early

  "Another school has stopped recruiting" "There are fewer schools that can apply this year"... Right now, it is the peak period for high-level art troupes in colleges and universities to apply for the exam. In some application groups, parents of candidates have heated discussions every day.

  It is understood that the positioning of the Ministry of Education for high-level art troupes in colleges and universities is: based on promoting the aesthetic education work of colleges and universities, activating campus cultural life, undertaking the tasks of popularizing campus art and culture and performing external exchanges; mainly recruiting chief performers of art troupes or requiring young talents A member of the art troupe of a high related professional project.

  In order to ensure fair enrollment, the Ministry of Education issued a guideline on further strengthening and improving the enrollment of art majors in general colleges and universities. From 2024, high-level art troupes in colleges and universities will no longer be selected from college admissions.

At present, some colleges and universities have already implemented it in advance.

  In 2022, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, there will be 53 colleges and universities that can recruit high-level art troupes across the country.

The reporter combed and found that more than 30 universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China still issued high-level art troupe enrollment brochures, while Central South University and University of International Business and Economics will suspend enrollment of high-level art troupes from 2022. More than 10 colleges and universities, including China University of Political Science and Law, and China Agricultural University, have suspended enrollment in 2021 or even earlier.

  Xiong Bingqi, president of the 21st Century Education Development Research Institute, said that the Ministry of Education will issue reform opinions in 2021 and set the time node as 2024, which is in line with the basic principle of "knowing early in three years" followed by major educational reforms and educational policy adjustments. A period of adaptation and adjustment for schools, students and parents.

  Some experts believe that the adjustment arrangements of some colleges and universities are based on their own school-running practices, the results obtained after considering the necessity and other aspects, and are unified with the policy orientation.

  "Some colleges and universities suspend enrollment in advance, which can be understood as the autonomy of colleges and universities." Xiong Bingqi said that those candidates who took the closed school as the target school were the most affected.

  A number of industry insiders said that there are already signs to follow that colleges and universities have stopped recruiting high-level art troupes.

Admissions policies have continued to tighten in recent years.

The Ministry of Education has successively issued notices to continuously reform and improve the enrollment and admission methods for high-level art troupes in colleges and universities.

  Starting from 2018, pilot colleges and universities that have opened art majors will no longer recruit art students with corresponding majors; art, calligraphy, and broadcasting hosting should not be included in the scope of art troupe admissions; vigorously strengthen the selection and training of art troupe members from ordinary students , making it gradually become the main body of high-level art troupes in colleges and universities; starting from 2020, the preferential method to further reduce the admission requirements for cultural courses will be cancelled for "very few candidates with outstanding test scores in art troupes"...

Years in the making to ensure fair admissions

  Why did the admissions policy of high-level art troupes arouse widespread concern?

Chen Zhiwen, a member of the expert group of the National Education Examination Committee, said that the core of the policy adjustment of high-level art troupes has always been to ensure fairness.

  The reporter's investigation learned that over the years, in the eyes of some candidates and parents, high-level art troupes are a shortcut to "reduce the score for the famous school".

  The preferential policies for the admission of qualified candidates of high-level art troupes in colleges and universities are generally within 20 points of the final simulated submission line for a batch of undergraduates of the same subject in the source province of the school; in provinces with comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, the preferential points are converted according to the situation.

  Last year, Yinuo (pseudonym), who was admitted to a "double first-class" university through the admissions of high-level art troupes, said: "I have studied musical instruments since I was a child, and my performance in cultural courses is far from that of '985' universities. I know that high-level art troupes can drop I was admitted by points, and I started preparing after I entered high school, and finally got my wish.”

  However, shortcuts are not always easy.

Individual students who rely on this admission policy to enter the school are exhausted physically and mentally in order to balance the training of artistic specialties with their studies.

  In addition, in the past few years, some high-level art troupes in colleges and universities have been exposed to black-box operations, favoritism and fraud, and this policy has been criticized.

  "The change of policy is not to block the door for artistic talents to upgrade, but to ensure fairness and justice and block the door of risk." Chen Zhiwen believes that some high-level art troupes have the risk of "filling the bill". Art troupes are a collective project. The professional level of individuals often relies on the judgment of a few people, and its restriction mechanism has always been a difficult problem.

  "Canceling the selection from the enrollment process and selecting and training from the students in the school not only dismantles the 'springboard' of this famous school, but also conforms to the original intention of building a high-level art troupe, which is conducive to promoting the university's art education and high-quality talent training." Xiong Bingqi said.

Artistic expertise is not for nothing

  What impact does the suspension of high-level art troupes have on high school art students?

  A number of high school art troupe teachers said that the high school students in the troupe are basically art students who have passed the specialty category in the senior high school entrance examination.

  Chen Zhigang, a teacher at Nanjing Jinling Middle School Hexi Branch, who has more than 20 years of experience in guiding art exams, believes that those who are most affected by the policy are those candidates who have art expertise and are preparing to study non-art majors in universities but are slightly weaker in cultural courses.

Without the previous preferential policy of dropping or adding points, it has become more difficult for these students to enter famous schools.

  Zheng Jinyue, a senior music teacher at Liaoning Provincial Experimental Middle School, said that in the past, about half of the art students in the school's art troupe chose high-level art troupes and art entrance examinations.

After the policy of the Ministry of Education was released, the school has also adjusted accordingly, and will no longer recruit art students in 2022.

  What impact will the suspension of high-level art troupes have on colleges and universities?

The reporter checked the relevant college websites and found that some high-level art troupes of colleges and universities need to complete dozens of special performances inside and outside the school a year, and also participate in domestic and foreign college students' art competitions and tours.

  The instructor of a college in the east told reporters that high-level art troupes play an important role in building campus culture and enriching campus life, and they are one of the starting points for school aesthetic education, especially for science and engineering colleges.

  "Next, the school will continue to enrich the art troupe by adding art-related public elective courses and developing art-related campus clubs, etc., through multiple channels to select students with artistic expertise in the school," said the instructor.

  Experts such as Chen Zhiwen and Xiong Bingqi believe that the adjustment of the admissions policy for high-level art troupes will eliminate some utilitarian art troupes, allowing schools, parents and students to view the cultivation of artistic interests and specialties from a longer-term perspective.

  Under the background of strengthening aesthetic education, the aesthetic education curriculum system of universities, middle and primary schools has been further improved, art courses have become more and more rich and comprehensive, and the overall artistic quality of students has been continuously improved.

"In other words, children are now developing in multiple dimensions, and high-level art troupes in colleges and universities can completely select and train from the students in the school, and there is no need to open up a special enrollment channel." Chen Zhiwen said.

  Many parents said that after canceling the enrollment of high-level art troupes, they will adjust their children's study plans accordingly, but it does not mean that their children are learning in vain.

"The edification of art will not change the improvement of children's comprehensive literacy, and it will benefit children for a lifetime." A parent said.

(Participating in writing: Zhang Jianxin)