Melina Facchin 3:49 p.m., February 28, 2022

This is the good news of the day!

This Monday, February 28 marks a new stage in the easing of health restrictions: the mask is no longer compulsory in closed places subject to the vaccination pass.

And that makes everyone happy, customers and managers alike.


From this Monday, you are no longer obliged to wear the mask inside, in places where the vaccine pass is claimed at the entrance.

This concerns cinemas, concert halls, bars, or even restaurants.

Even if you still have to show your QR at the entrance to establishments, it is already a relief for professionals, as well as for customers.

"We're glad it's over!"

In the Brasserie Rive Gauche, near Strasbourg station, the first lunch service without a mask takes place today.

But many customers are not necessarily aware.

Eric returned to a table with his mask on his nose.

"It's the habit!" he said, finally removing it.

"It's been so many months that the mask is imposed that we leave it. But it's a good thing, we are happy that it stops!"

he smiled.

At the next table, Jacques and Robert, who are at the coffee, confirm.

"It feels like we're coming back to life!", exclaim these regulars.

"It's a good thing, it's progressing, it's progressing slowly. And then it's pleasant, at least we see each other talking. We're not beautiful, but we still like to see each other!"

they conclude with a burst of laughter.

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"The end of the vaccination pass will be the real return to normal life"

The mask is therefore no longer compulsory for customers, but also for employees.

It's a real relief for Ali, the manager of this brewery: "Ah, sure, it's more pleasant!"

he lets go.

"When we run with the mask, when we talk with the mask, when we communicate with the kitchen with the mask, when we communicate with the customers with the mask, it's annoying" recognizes Ali.

"But for me, the day we remove the health pass, that's when we can say we've won the jackpot, that we're really going back to normal life," he adds.

Ali will have to be a little more patient.

The vaccination pass could be abolished, if all goes well, around mid-March.

Note that, for the moment, the mask remains compulsory in transport, shops or even in the office.