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  • The Covid-19 epidemic is still declining in France with 384 new hospital admissions recorded on Sunday, against 712 the day before and 1,834 on Tuesday.

  • The easing of health restrictions continues.

    The mask is no longer compulsory in places subject to the vaccination pass.

    For contact cases, only one test is necessary.

  • Queen Elizabeth II has contracted the coronavirus and canceled a reception scheduled for Wednesday.

    The 95-year-old sovereign suffers from “light” symptoms.



Coronavirus: Indicators still on a downward trend in France


Covid-19: The mask falls from Monday in places subject to the vaccination pass


07h05: We take off the mask

The mask is no longer compulsory in places subject to the vaccine pass from this Monday, a further relaxation of health restrictions expected as the pandemic decreases sharply.

No more masks in museums, cinemas, restaurants but they will remain compulsory in transport, such as the train or the plane, where the pass is also required.

The rules also change for contact and vaccinated people.

From now on, only one test is necessary (self-test, PCR or antigen) two days after being declared a contact case, instead of three currently.

If the self-test is positive, an antigen or PCR test is still necessary to confirm the result.

The duration of isolation remains unchanged in the event of a positive test.

Hello everyone !

The Covid-19 continues to ebb in France but

20 Minutes

continues to follow the situation for you live this Monday.

In case a wild variant decides to appear in the tall grass, we'll be here all Monday!

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