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Ukraine and the confused Biden

Abdullah Al Qamzi


February 28, 2022

President Joe Biden, who referred to former President Donald Trump, baffled us at the first presidential debate and said, "Get that clown out of here."

I knew at the time that if Trump lost, the newscasts would lose a very important material in which politics and entertainment were mixed in a way that had not happened in history, even when former actor Ronald Reagan ruled it.

Trump was not a clown, as Biden claimed, but he liked to insult his opponents, as he did when he embarrassed the former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in a televised phone call while proclaiming the principles of one of the Abrahamic agreements, and said to him: “Do you think that sleeping Joe can arrange such a thing? ».

Sleeping Joe!

Or so Trump calls it, we have been puzzled since he came to power.

His speeches do not reflect the characteristics of a man of the presidency. Rather, I see a bewildered person withdrawing from the world, leaving a dangerous void.

Biden's withdrawal is not his political creed, but rather that of Obama, who drew imaginary red lines in Syria, then realized that he was involved because he was originally a regressive president.

Trump came after him and agreed with Obama to withdraw from the world, but Trump was aware of the danger of the voids and the importance of filling them, so he came up with the Abrahamic agreements and their idea of ​​establishing regional alliances between the most powerful countries in the region, and supporting them from behind logistically and with the latest weapons that those countries require.

Then Biden came, but he repudiated Trump's promises to the countries of the region, and started moving towards restoring the nuclear agreement with Iran at any cost, exactly as Obama did, using the same statements.

After the disaster in Afghanistan, and Washington's erroneous assessments about the speed of the Taliban's return to Kabul's rule, came the mother of crises: Ukraine!

This time, Biden is facing a real test because he directly affects the "NATO" alliance.

President Putin wants security guarantees that the alliance will not expand eastward to its borders, while Washington says that Kiev, tilted to the west, is free to choose its allies.

It is clear that Washington wants to drag Moscow into the quagmire of Ukraine, and if we read the history of the rivalry between Washington and Moscow since World War II, we will find that whenever one of them wages war or invades, the other plays the role of a spoiler.

Biden, unanimously by allies and enemies, is a weak president like his friend Obama, and he is the first president to be clearly and frankly ignored by his allies in the region, as if he has no prestige or weight.


Putin's invasion of Ukraine was based on several factors. The man read Biden's weakness, and believes that Europe has entered a phase of decadence and impotence and is no longer able to cope with global challenges.

Add to this the rise of China as a new global power that is expected to play an important role in the coming decades.

When Biden presented himself as president, he said that he has experience in resolving global crises, and here is the crisis, so what will he do?

This time, Biden is facing a real test, because he directly affects the "NATO" alliance.


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