A group of Tokyo Medical and Dental University analyzed the gene of the virus for the new coronavirus Omicron strain, and found that the mainstream virus in Japan was a strain called "BA.1.1" among the Omicron strains. Was announced.

73% are "BA.1.1"

The survey was conducted by a group such as Associate Professor Hiroaki Takeuchi of Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

As a result of analyzing the virus gene in 40 patients with the new corona from December last year to the middle of this month, about 90% of the Omicron strains are Omicron strains, and 73% of these Omicron strains are "BA.1.1" strains. It was.

"BA.1.1" is a virus in which "BA.1" is further mutated and is included in "BA.1" in the domestic total, but WHO = World Health Organization is concerned about the spread of infection "BA" Along with ".2", it means that it is being monitored as one of the strains of the Omicron strain.

Associate Professor Takeuchi said, "In countries such as Denmark where there were few reports of" BA.1.1 ", the replacement with" BA.2 "was quick, but looking at the overseas situation," BA.1.1 "was replaced in the mainstream countries. It can be late. The epidemic of the Danish strain can be prolonged, and it is important to control the strain on medical institutions. "