He prevented them from being treated until their bodies were charred... A Yemeni father killed his wife and son by burning gasoline!

In the second heinous brutal crime that shook Al-Dhalea Governorate, southern Yemen, in less than one month, a Yemeni citizen set his wife and son on fire after pouring gasoline on them, and preventing them from being treated until their bodies were charred.

A report by "Al Arabiya.net" stated that a citizen from the village of Al-Otaria, located near the city of Sanah, 5 km south of the city of Qataba in the Al-Dhalea governorate, poured gasoline on the body of his wife and his 9-year-old son, and set them on fire. .

Sources said that the wife appealed to the residents to save them from the fire that caught them, but the husband prevented people from approaching and kept watching them until they died charred, according to the Yemeni "Khabar" agency.

The sources stated that the father justified his crime by receiving a complaint from a villager that his son had committed a simple mistake against the complainant, so he resorted to using this method of discipline.

As for his burning of the mother, he said that she tried to prevent him and put herself in the place of her son, so he poured gasoline on them and set them on fire in cold blood.

In early February, a man from the village of "Lakma Lashoob" in the same governorate slaughtered his infant son with a sickle, "Al-Shuraim" and separated his head from his body in the yard of his farm due to a "dispute with his wife."

The incident sparked widespread resentment on the communication sites, and many citizens expressed their anger at this horrific crime, amid popular demands for the implementation of the harshest punishment against the perpetrator.

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