• The third episode of the blind auditions for season 11 of

    The Voice

    will be broadcast on Saturday February 26, 2022, from 9:10 p.m., on TF1.

  • Among the talents in competition: Caroline Costa.

    The artist, now 25 years old, had been revealed to the general public during season 3 of

    La France has an incredible talent

    , on M6, in 2008, and had joined, four years later, the troop of the

    Robin Hood



  • Now the mother of a little Talia, 3 years old, Caroline Costa has decided to reconnect with her musical career by trying her luck at

    The Voice


    “I wanted to test my legitimacy at the auditions by trying to see if I was still capable of moving people.

    It was a risk-taking, a desire to start from scratch, ”she said to

    20 Minutes


The general public discovered her in

France has an incredible talent

in 2008, when she was barely 12 years old.

Caroline Costa had climbed to the final of the M6 ​​broadcast.

Two years later, the young singer had released a single

Who I am?

– who had reached fifteenth place in the Top 50 – then, in 2012, an album


, before joining the troupe of the musical

Robin des Bois


At 25, the artist is making her return to the media scene: she will participate in the third episode of

The Voice

blind auditions on Saturday .

The young woman, with a singing accent from Tarn-et-Garonne, explains to

20 Minutes

why she chose to appear at the telecrochet of TF1.

It's been a few years since the public has heard from you.

What happened in the meantime?

Great things happened.

After having lived a grandiose experience alongside great artists in the

Robin des Bois

troupe , I released an [eponymous] album in 2017 which, as they say, did not really meet its audience.

I decided to move away from music… For three years, I have been the mother of a little Talia and I have devoted myself to this role to the fullest.

I was the happiest and the most fulfilled, but deep down I felt that something was missing: the music.

I missed her but I suppressed this idea to protect myself.

And you have decided to present yourself to the castings of “The Voice”…

A year ago, I dared to take myself in hand physically and musically.

I contacted Bruno Berberes, the casting director of

The Voice

, to ask him when the call for applications for the castings would be open.

I didn't tell him it was for me.

I didn't know if I would have the guts.

And then finally, I tried my luck.

You didn't know if you'd have the guts: that is?

I haven't sung for three years.

I had cut all ties with the music to avoid suffering.

It was a period of doubts, of personal questioning, of anguish.

I was wondering if I was legit.


The Voice

, what counts is not the course or the image but only the voice.

I wanted to test my legitimacy at the auditions by trying to see if I was still capable of moving people.

It was a risk-taking, a desire to start from scratch, a kind of rebirth.

Of rebirth, squarely?

People knew me as a teenager, they will rediscover me as a woman.

I say that when I became a mother, it was my second birth.

The Voice

is my third birth: the show has reignited all the lights in me.

Without telling us what was the result of your blind audition, did the experience confirm your desire to reconnect with music?

I have already won everything by having gone to pass this audition.

My motto is to live in the moment, to savor every moment.

This experience made me want to go back on stage.

I had the impression of relearning everything: it motivates me a lot!


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