It is not the tallest.

Not the most handsome either.

It's not hard.

Nor as a seducer with a haughty eyebrow.

He may be nothing special, but Tom Holland, who just announced his temporary retirement from acting this week, has it all.

With his 1.60 height and his face of not having broken a plate in his life,

the British actor has the planet drinking the winds for him


"Why does everyone love Tom Holland?" people wonder in virtual huddles.

"Despite being super famous, he is still kind to his fans and always stops to serve them with a smile on his face," they say.

"He is the human version of a puppy, sweet and adorable," they comment.

"He's the fucking Spiderman. Period."

So far, the theories about its irresistible pull, but what is this

mysterious angel

that makes some people adorable?

"Having an angel is a gift that combines

three magical qualities

: grace, friendliness and charm," explains psychologist Ana Sierra.

What does each of them imply?



makes us appear genuine in the eyes of others, that we unfold

naturally and harmoniously

, absolutely free of artifice or imposture, something that should be highly valued in these times of filters," Sierra clarifies.



with others is -he continues- "the 'miracle' that


works . There is nothing that attracts someone more than making them feel loved".

Beyond an attractive physique or other conditioning factors such as having a

kind and boyish appearance

, "the charm that exudes a

natural, kind and affectionate person



to us because it generates great well-being and provokes a feeling of affection, generally instinctive, that makes us want to be close to her, that things turn out well for her, etc.".

Interestingly, Sierra notes that "we can all have that angel on or off at different times in our lives."



smiles and kindness really the most powerful weapons of mass seduction

ever 'invented'?

And if so, why don't we use them more?

Ana Sierra has it very clear: "The smile is invincible as long as it is



An open and frank smile like Holland's is, as explained by Isabel Serrano-Rosa, psychologist, director of EnPositivoSi and author of 'Breathing joy', "the best way to

convey affection, trust and acceptance

to others".

Moreover, it is more than proven that people who smile

"live longer, enjoy better health, have better relationships, are more attractive,

develop their intelligence and enjoy greater emotional balance, according to numerous studies".

Because, by smiling (and much more, when laughing), we unleash in our body without realizing it a wonderful storm of

endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline


That magical

cocktail of pleasure hormones

, which makes us feel so good and so effectively helps us mitigate both physical and emotional pain, activates the neuroendocrine and immune systems, increases the number of leukocytes and favors brain plasticity.

But beware, because the psychologist Ciara Molina, author of books such as 'If you press, it's not your size', 'Expressed emotions, overcome emotions' and 'Create the life you want: A guide to achieve everything you set out to do', Among other titles, he warns us that "

the brain does not differentiate a spontaneous smile from a forced one

. Simply by outlining it, it interprets that everything is fine and, whether it is so or not, it will make us feel better."

If it makes us feel better, both to the one who smiles and to the one who contemplates that smile,

why are there people who have such a hard time doing it?

Do they think it makes them look 'soft'?

"More than soft, I would say vulnerable. However, vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. We misunderstand it," says this psychologist.

Vulnerability is, he continues, "an emotional risk, an exposure, an uncertainty, which helps us to be honest with ourselves. Hence

innovation, creativity and change

, which gives us great adaptability. Seeing it as a enemy, it is profoundly dangerous.

Included by Seligman and Peterson, pioneers in the implementation of Positive Psychology, as one of the

24 human strengths

that lead us to the

proper development of character and the achievement of happiness

together with love (the ability to love and be loved) and social intelligence (knowing how to relate to others), "kindness implies knowing how

to care for and give affection

to others, without neglecting ourselves", explains Isabel Serrano-Rosa.

In its fair measure, he says, "it sweetens our lives but, if we go too friendly, we run the

risk of being false


With all this information in mind, it's time to ask yourself again why everyone loves Tom Holland.

Maybe because it is (or at least, it seems) real?

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