In the case of the alleged sexual murder of a six-year-old girl in Baden-Baden, the police investigators have announced new details about the course of the crime.

According to this, the alleged perpetrator, who took his son's girlfriend from the playground to his apartment for an overnight stay, is said to have first sexually abused the girl and then inflicted a severe cut on her, accepting her death.

The 33-year-old suspect is said to have committed the crime on the night of December 19th.

In the northwestern district of Oosscheuern in Baden-Baden, residents discovered a fire in the suspect's apartment around six in the morning and reported it to the police.

An adult, an adolescent and a teenager had to be rescued from the house.

A six-year-old boy had previously saved himself but required medical treatment for smoke inhalation.

In the garden of the house, the police officers then discovered the alleged perpetrator, who had cut himself and also suffered from smoke inhalation.

As later investigations revealed, the man is said to have asked the girl's mother at a playground in the evening if he could take her to his apartment for the night, because his son was a playmate.

Apparently, the man's plan was to sexually abuse the girl and then to cover up the crime with a cover-up murder.

The public prosecutor's office has therefore been investigating the arrested suspect since the end of December for attempted murder in three cases, for attempted serious arson and for dangerous bodily harm.

The man, who has no criminal record, has been in custody since the end of December.