China News Service, Beijing, February 25 (Reporter Guo Chaokai) The reporter learned from the National Immigration Administration on the 25th that the entry-exit administration department of Shenyang Public Security in Liaoning, under the command and deployment of the National Immigration Administration, detected and organized an organization to introduce foreigners illegally in China. In the employment case, 4 suspects suspected of obstructing national (border) border management were arrested, and 36 foreigners were seized and repatriated.

  In early April 2021, the Exit-Entry Management Brigade of the Dadong Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province received a report from the public that a foreign employee Kemou was suspected of illegal employment in a unit in Dadong District.

The police quickly conducted a review in accordance with the law. The person involved in the case, Ke, confessed to the fact that he was engaged in illegal employment in China, and explained that he was contacted by an illegal intermediary and introduced to a training institution in Shenyang to illegally engage in English teaching without obtaining relevant qualifications. the course of the activity.

The police conducted in-depth research and analysis through the communication and related information between Kemou and the online intermediary, and found a criminal gang that specially organized to introduce foreigners to illegal employment.

  In order to completely destroy the network of this criminal activity and severely punish the organizers and intermediaries behind the scenes, the National Immigration Administration listed the case as a listed case for supervision, and deployed the Liaoning police to comprehensively expand the investigation.

The police investigation found that there were mainly 4 Chinese and foreign criminal suspects in the case, all of whom were suspected of obstructing national (border) management crimes. active foreigners.

  Under the unified command and deployment of the National Immigration Administration, Liaoning established a joint task force composed of public security organs at the three levels of the province, city, and city to carry out a combined operation of multiple police types and multiple departments, and comprehensively carry out investigation work.

Liaoning cracked the case of organizing illegal employment of foreigners, and 40 Chinese and foreign personnel involved were dealt with in accordance with the law. Photo courtesy of the National Immigration Administration

  The investigation by the special team found that Ke, a foreigner, contacted Zhang, a criminal suspect in Tianjin, through foreign criminal suspect Ma, and spent RMB 26,000 in 2020 and 2021 successively, and Zhang handled relevant procedures for him through false means. Contact and introduce to relevant training institutions to engage in illegal employment activities.

Through further investigation of the criminal suspect Zhang, the police found that he and Lei, an employee of a unit in Tianjin, had a major criminal suspicion.

One with criminal suspects Zhang and Lei as online and two foreign criminal suspects as intermediaries, the chain of organizing and assisting foreigners to illegally work in China gradually became clear, and the task force decided to close the network.

  From July 5th to 20th, 2021, the task force went to Tianjin, Beijing, and Wuhan respectively to carry out network closing operations. With the cooperation of the local police, they successfully arrested criminal suspects Zhang and Lei in Tianjin and foreign criminal suspects in Wuhan. Ma, arrested Wa Moude, a foreign criminal suspect who was offline by Ma, in Beijing.

After interrogation, it was found that since 2018, the criminal suspect Zhang Mou and Lei Mou, an employee of a unit in Tianjin, had made illegal profits, forged procedures for 36 foreigners, and introduced arrangements to engage in illegal employment activities in many cities in China.

  At present, the criminal suspects Zhang and Lei have been arrested by the Dadong District People's Procuratorate of Shenyang City on suspicion of the crime of obstructing national (border) management, and the two foreign criminal suspects Ma and Wa have been taken compulsory measures according to law.

At the same time, relevant units and their responsible persons who illegally hired foreign personnel involved in the case were punished according to law.

  According to Huang Xiaoyao, deputy director of the Illegal Immigration Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the National Immigration Administration, in response to the more prominent cases of illegal entry, illegal residence and illegal employment of some foreigners in recent years, the National Immigration Administration has directed the deployment of immigration management agencies and public security agencies across the country. The immigration management department has always adhered to the working principle of "protecting the legal and combating the illegal", and has effectively strengthened the work of cracking down on investigations in accordance with the law, insisting on discovering and investigating together, and expanding the line to dig deep and investigate to the end.

At the same time, the National Immigration Administration reminds foreigners in China to understand and abide by Chinese laws and regulations such as entry and exit management, and avoid touching the legal "red line".