• On the eve of the opening of the Agricultural Show, L214 broadcasts in a new video the conditions for raising pigs on a farm in Côtes-d'Armor.

  • The association indicates that it will file a complaint for ill-treatment and serious abuse.

  • In the video, posted online this Friday, L214 also points to the responsibility of intensive farming in the proliferation of green algae in Brittany.

The timing is of course not trivial.

While the Agricultural Show opens its doors on Saturday in Paris, L214 publishes a video this Friday in which it denounces intensive farming in Brittany.

The association is targeting this time a pig farm located in Saint-Glen in the Côtes-d'Armor "where more than 400 sows give birth to 12,000 pigs which are sent to the slaughterhouse each year".

Shot with a hidden camera, the images show the farming conditions on this farm.

We see in particular piglets slammed against a wall and left dying in a bucket or injured pigs left without care.

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Other shots also show farm workers causing physical injury to animals by pushing sows forward with an iron pick.

"The conditions of intensive farming are here aggravated by infractions, multiplying the suffering endured by the pigs", denounces the association, which indicates that it will file a complaint with the public prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc for ill-treatment and serious abuse.

Hillion beach closed for eight months due to green algae

With its shocking images, L214 takes the opportunity to denounce the responsibility of intensive farming in the proliferation of green algae in Brittany.

To do this, she called on Yves-Marie Le Lay, president of the association Safeguarding Trégor and author of the book

Algues vertes, un scandale d'Etat


A gas mask on his face, the activist walks in the video, shot not far from the targeted exploitation, on a beach in Hillion which has been closed for eight months due to green algae.

The fault, according to the association, to the intensive pig farms which "reject enormous quantities of nitrates into the soil and waterways through animal waste" and thus promote the proliferation of green algae.

"Industrial farming transforms this river, the Gouessant, into a purveyor of death in spite of itself", accuses the activist, evoking the death of a jogger, a horse and 36 wild boars which would be attributed to green algae.

"We know that green algae have killed and there is no reason why they shouldn't kill yet," he says.

And when they do not kill by accident, they kill what lives permanently in the sand and the mud”.

As an extension of this video, L214 announces that it will participate on June 25 in Pantin in the "mock trial of green algae" organized by the Wild Legal association.


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