• The Yescapa platform experienced 111% revenue growth between 2019 and 2021.

  • Some have decided to buy a motorhome directly, while others prefer to rent, or even fit out vans.

    • Between the rising price of gasoline, and the reception areas sometimes located near sewage treatment plants or recycling centers, some enthusiasts return, however.

Yescapa has been on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Bordeaux motorhome rental start-up between individuals has indeed experienced a growth in turnover of 111% between 2019 and 2021. "While the fitted vehicle sector has been driven for several years by continuous growth in France, this trend has accelerated since the 2020 pandemic, which has impacted international travel, ”explains the company in its annual report for 2021. It recorded 230,000 booking requests last year, compared to 162,000 in 2020 Even if a pandemic exit is emerging, the year 2022 should confirm this upward trend, with some holidaymakers having changed their habits.

Yescapa now has a community of nearly 700,000 users from over 101 countries.

20 Minutes

is interested in these new motorhome enthusiasts, those who have taken advantage of the pandemic to carve the road, have discovered a new way of living their holidays which they can no longer do without, or who reverse came back.

“We are a couple in their thirties and we are traveling with our two-year-old daughter, explains Jennifer, based in Isère.

We bought our first motorhome last year.

For us, it was the possibility of traveling last summer without the constraints linked to the pandemic.

We didn't want our daughter's first vacation to be spent with her parents wearing a mask as soon as they left their bungalow or hotel room.


On the road all summer and weekends until November

Jennifer is teleworking, her husband is a teacher, the couple was able to enjoy the joys of the motorhome during all summer or almost.

“The vehicle quickly paid for itself since we stayed at home very little last summer.

Then we left regularly on weekends until the beginning of November before putting it in winter.

“This first experience was so convincing that the little family decided to set off for Scotland, “for six weeks this summer.


Quentin also discovered the joys of motorhomes due to the constraints of Covid-19.

“We took the plunge during the last major holidays,” he explains.

Of course the Covid played in our decision, we rented an old motorhome at the last moment from a private individual - offers being rare - and we were not disappointed.

We will be doing it again next year with a bigger and newer motorhome.

A bit of comfort for four is not negligible.

Feeling of freedom

Marion explains for her part that she bought a van last year that she fitted out “with a sofa bed and a high wooden bed for our daughter.

And hop, it was off to Le Verdon (Gironde), during the Ascension weekend.

Above all, it highlights the practical side of this mode of nomadic tourism.

“We decide at the last moment when we leave, depending on the weather: no need to book three months before and take the risk of hitting the rain.

And if it starts to rain, we get in the van and we leave in the sun.


“Extraordinary means of escape”, the motorhome is for Denis “increasingly easy” thanks in particular to “dedicated applications which make it easy to find parking areas”.

And there is above all this feeling of freedom, which comes up in many testimonies.

“The freedom, not to settle down anywhere, but to go where we want,” writes Pierre.

Depending on our wishes to visit a museum, a region… Stop after a few kilometers because we find the area pretty, welcoming.


"I sold my motorhome after two years..."

So, is the motorhome really the ideal solution for a hassle-free holiday?

Be careful, some came back.

As a seasoned motorhome owner for 45 years, Christian warns that “freedom is no longer there!

Height bars in all the car parks on the French coast, parked on sites with more than a hundred, very often next to the treatment plant or the recycling centre…” The painting is indeed immediately less dreamy.

“And the motorway prices are one and a half times the price of a car”, adds Christian, not to mention “the price of fuel, a motorhome consuming on average 11 litres/100 km.


Patrick did not wait so long to become disillusioned.

“I sold my motorhome after two years,” he told us.

The cost-to-use ratio is not favorable, and many users come back from it… We should have rented one instead of buying, but at least we tried… » To think about, perhaps, before starting in the purchase of a machine whose prices start at 50,000 euros, and can easily exceed 100,000 euros.


Bordeaux: The Yescapa start-up hopes that the “traveler cocoon of the motorhome” side will continue to appeal in times of health crisis


Holidays: The motorhome, big winner of the health crisis

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