The Winter Olympics encounters "double reduction", and the advantages of holding a certificate are highlighted

  This winter vacation, extracurricular physical education practitioners are a little busy

  Our reporter An Yanjing

  "Workers Daily" (February 25, 2022 Edition 07)

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  As the first winter vacation after the implementation of the "double reduction" policy, it coincides with the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and many young people are enthusiastic about sports.

A few days ago, the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China also issued specifications, requiring the coaches of the main body of extracurricular sports training to hold corresponding certificates.

The prosperity of market demand and the standardization of practice management create career development opportunities for practitioners of extracurricular physical education.

  On February 21, the winter vacation of primary and secondary schools in Beijing ended, and the first day of school began.

As the first winter vacation after the implementation of the "double reduction" policy, it coincides with the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Many teenagers are enthusiastic about sports, and extracurricular physical education practitioners are also busy.

  According to the content requirements of the "Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Sports Training" (hereinafter referred to as the "Code") issued by the State Sports General Administration, the coaches of the main body of extracurricular sports training should hold corresponding certificates.

In the face of prosperous market demand and gradually standardized management, the extracurricular physical education and training industry is favored by young migrant workers, who also see the direction of vocational skills improvement and the prospect of career development.

  Winter Olympics drive more winter sports

  At 5:00 pm on February 20th, in a sports training venue for the senior high school entrance examination in Haidian District, Beijing, Zhang Yuanjie was taking the students to the last physical training class of the winter vacation. .

This winter vacation, her class schedule lasted from the seventh day of the lunar new year to the day before the school started, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, full of various courses.

  Speaking of extracurricular sports training, Zhang Yuanjie from Xiazhangzhuang Village, Anxin County, Baoding City, Hebei Province is very envious of current students.

"When I was in elementary school, the schools in the village didn't pay much attention to physical education, and I hardly ever took it." However, Zhang Yuanjie was active and active as a child, and was particularly interested in sports. When he was in junior high school, he chose to practice sports and practice track and field. The main events are the 200-meter race and triple jump.

  During his 6-year middle school years, Zhang Yuanjie represented schools, counties and cities in many sports competitions for middle school students in Hebei Province, and won provincial and municipal awards.

After systematic study in school, she has mastered the professional knowledge of physical training.

After graduation, Zhang Yuanjie, who received the national second-level athlete certificate, came to this training institution in Beijing to work as a coach.

  In another children's physical fitness center, coach Wu Xinyu is conducting physical training courses for skiing.

According to him, the competition cycle of the Beijing Winter Olympics runs through the winter vacation of primary and secondary schools, and many young people are very interested in ice and snow sports, and they just use the winter vacation time to experience it.

  "Ice and snow sports can not only enhance physical fitness, but also help enhance parent-child relationship. At present, we have two colleagues who are competent for ski training and teaching." Wu Xinyu, 25, from Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, has a natural intimacy and adaptability to ice and snow sports.

Although he does not have a ski teaching qualification, he can still undertake the physical training and teaching task of ski students with his professional skills in physical training.

  Sports training is a two-way growth experience for teachers and students

  "Hug! Teacher Kangaroo!" 6-year-old Xie Xinyue happily asked the coaches for a hug after finishing the day's parkour course, and the "teacher kangaroo" in her mouth was Wu Xinyu.

Wu Xinyu told reporters that helping teenagers to carry out physical training and sports teaching is not only an extracurricular sports tutoring activity, but also a two-way growth experience for teachers and students.

  When she first came at the end of last year, Xie Xinyue's physical test could only exceed the 50 cm high jump box No. 3.

"For her, after a few training sessions in box 3, she can jump up with both legs at the same time, but box 4 still has a sense of oppression." To this end, Wu Xinyu constantly encouraged Xie Xinyue and helped her build up her self-confidence. mind, and then carry out targeted action guidance.

"Let her take off on a mat with a certain height to find the feeling, and then gradually reduce the height of the mat after jumping a few times, and then adjust the posture of the legs and the swing of the arms until she jumps on the flat ground to jump box No. 4."

  trot 2 meters to help, alternately cross a 70 cm high jump box with both feet forward, lean forward and hang on the hanger, pass the balance beam to reach the end... After a winter vacation training and study, Xie Xinyue has been able to complete the whole set in one go Parkour action.

Wu Xinyu said that parents specially sent WeChat to express that their children's physical fitness has been exercised, and more importantly, they have learned to persevere. They often ask their mothers, "Can you come tomorrow?"

  Preschool children have different personalities, and it is difficult to adapt to the unfamiliar environment for a while. Wu Xinyu will use the method of playing games to break the ice, and often use a gesture or a high-five to encourage students.

Seeing the children's sweet smiles, he felt warm in his heart. "The children can slowly approach me, believe in me, and find fun in sports through guidance, which gives me a great sense of professional achievement."

  Licensed posts guide practitioners to improve their skills

  According to Wu Xinyu's colleague Zhan Bo, since the "double reduction" was implemented in September last year, the number of parents who came to the sports center to sign up continued to increase.

"After the policy was released, primary and secondary school students have more time and enthusiasm to devote themselves to physical exercise, and various sports training venues for children and adolescents, such as ball games, swimming, and physical fitness, are also increasing," Zhan Bo said. To ensure the quality of teaching, each class is required to accommodate a maximum of 6 people, and the coaches will also play alternately, so that students who come to exercise can really get guidance.

  In addition, coaches' own qualifications are also being adjusted in a more standardized and professional direction.

Zhan Bo came to Beijing from Hangzhou for an interview in 2019. "At that time, there were not many sports training institutions that required relevant qualification certificates, and most of them only required physical learning experience or teaching experience."

Because he graduated from a sports academy and obtained a physical education teacher qualification certificate, after passing the interview, he became a certified coach of the sports center.

  On December 21, 2021, the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China issued the "Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Sports Training", proposing that the coaches of the main body of extracurricular sports training should hold corresponding certificates.

According to Hu Ying, the person in charge of Zhang Yuanjie's sports training institution, in the past interviews, there were often interviewees who had experience in sports learning and teaching, but did not have relevant qualification certificates.

"After the release of the "Specifications", we immediately compared the coaches' qualifications according to the documents and adjusted the teaching arrangements. This is not only a recognition of the industry, but also a challenge to practitioners."

  "I am quite confident about the general direction!" Wu Xinyu told reporters with a smile that the introduction of new policies and new requirements shows that sports training is now highly valued, and he is currently preparing for the certification of the American Physical Fitness Association. In the future, I can open a children's fitness venue in my hometown.