Today (24th), the "Wonderful Winter Olympics" theme flower bed in Tiananmen Square completed the replacement of the Winter Paralympic emblem on the north and south sides of the Chinese knot.

The reporter learned from the office of the Beijing Winter Olympics City Operation and Environmental Protection Group that in accordance with the requirements of the "Work Plan for Urban Landscape Arrangement for the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympic Games", the city will conduct an orderly development of the Winter Olympics from February 21 to February 28. The transition to the urban landscape layout of the Winter and Paralympic Games will ensure that "the two Olympic Games are equally exciting".

  According to the relevant person in charge of the office of the security team, at the beginning of the urban landscape planning and design of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, the landscape conversion needs during the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games were taken into account, and the existing landscape facilities and sites were fully utilized. Bit, using double emblem design to reduce conversion, to achieve simplicity without losing the splendor.

During the conversion period, the individual Winter Olympics emblems and mascots need to be converted into the Winter Paralympic emblems and mascots.

  In Beijing, a total of 3 landscape sketches, 9 theme flower beds, 18,000 road flags, 60 promotional screens, and 138,000 early spring flowers need to be replaced with organic coverings for theme flower beds.

Among them, the Olympic Central Area, the south side of the Linglong Tower on the Olympic Park Landscape Avenue, the intersection of Beichen West Road and Fanqi Road, etc., need to replace the Winter Paralympic emblem and mascot; Chang'an Street and its lines (including the Tiananmen area) , Airport Expressway, Olympic Center and other 9 themed flower beds, replaced with the Winter Paralympic emblem, mascot and early spring flowers; the publicity road flag was replaced with the blue road flag used by the Winter Paralympic Games; the banner at the entrance of the West Gate of the National Stadium The five Olympic rings logos were changed to the monogram of the International Paralympic Committee; a total of 60 publicity pictures at bus stop booths and fences were replaced with publicity pictures of the Winter Paralympic Games.

In addition, the logo, emblem and mascot of the Winter Olympics in the broadcast content of 28 light shows were replaced with the logo, emblem and mascot of the Winter Paralympic Games.

  At present, the replacement of the Winter Paralympic emblem has been completed in Tiananmen Square with the theme of "Wonderful Winter Olympics", Siyuan Bridge with the theme of "Charming Winter Olympics", and "Ice and Snow Winter Olympics" in Yanqing Guichuan Square.

It is understood that from 0:00 on the 24th to the 26th, the City Lighting Management Center of the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company plans to replace 8,488 road flags on 11 roads including Fushi Road and North Fourth Ring Road in three days.

  "Adhere to safety and reliability, and optimize the production process and installation method of the propaganda road flag according to the weather characteristics of Beijing's winter wind. The first choice is to thicken the fabric, use 220 fine woven glossy silk material, the flag surface is woven with fine holes, and double-sided heat The transfer printing is fixed in the form of 4+2. The wind resistance and firmness of the optimized road flag are greatly enhanced. We have deployed 40 implementation teams to carry out the transformation of urban landscape layout, and implement the transformation according to the transformation work ledger to ensure that the Complete all conversion tasks before February 28." The relevant person in charge of the Winter Olympics City Operation and Environmental Protection Group Office said that the Winter Olympics urban landscape layout will be retained until March 20.

  The Winter Olympics City Operation and Environmental Guarantee Team has also stepped up the operation and maintenance of the urban landscape layout. The city has set up 58 backup points, organized 118 inspection teams, more than 700 support personnel, and more than 200 inspection vehicles and vehicles. 42 professional security teams for landscape lighting implement 24-hour inspection and management, increase the frequency of inspections, and rectify problems in a timely manner to ensure that the management of landscape facilities is in place and safe operation, and always maintains a standardized, clean and beautiful landscape layout.

  (Headquarters reporter Zhang Weize, Liu Yuxuan, Yin Yinan)