Strive to discover the "new continent" of literature and art in the online world

  With the prosperity of Internet technology and the comprehensive deepening of network applications, network literature and art has become an indispensable and important part of the current art field.

In the journey of building a socialist cultural power, online literature and art workers must take the initiative to undertake their own historical missions, seize historical opportunities, take advantage of media and technology, and tell Chinese stories through aesthetic expressions full of Chinese charm, and strive to show the world what is possible. Letter, cute and respectable Chinese image.

  Network literature and art workers should naturally fully reflect their personal artistic style and aesthetic pursuits in their creations, but the premise is to practice a correct view of history, the people, aesthetics and occupation, and closely combine artistic pursuits with the destiny of the country and the interests of the people. Together.

The sinicization of Internet literature and art requires that Internet literature and art take serving the public as its development direction, create literary and artistic works that the people love, and give affectionate praise to all the strugglers who struggled for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and all the heroes who sacrificed and dedicated to the people.

This is due to the characteristics of openness, autonomy and interactivity of network literature and art, and it is also the inevitable development direction of network literature and art in the new era.

Online literature and art must not only "win with more" in quantity, but also have new improvements in quality, actively strengthen the creation and production of realistic themes, improve the originality and contemporary nature of the works, and make the cultural connotation and artistic value of online literature and art profound. Reflect the new atmosphere of the new era.

  The driving force for the development of online literature and art comes from the people's pursuit of spiritual and cultural diversity in the Internet age.

Literary and artistic "Internet access" is a new exploration in the form of expression of artistic works, and a literary and artistic innovation actively participated by the majority of netizens.

Taking online literature as an example, according to statistics, there are currently 20 million online literature authors nationwide, 467 million online literature users, nearly 30 million online novels, and nearly 600 related online literature websites, presenting a flourishing scene.

However, due to factors such as low threshold and traffic supremacy, there have also been some "problem works" that spread wrong values.

How to assume the responsibility of the times, inherit the Chinese culture, and develop Chinese characteristics is an important issue that must be solved in the development of network literature and art.

Although innovation and creation in the original sense have been presented in the evolution process, the expression methods of online literature and art did not come out of thin air. In terms of themes, themes, and genre paradigms, they borrowed the creative concepts and aesthetic norms of traditional Chinese literature and art.

Some excellent online novels, whether it is characterization, description or artistic conception, have borrowed the expression methods of traditional Chinese popular novels, and have created new meanings in the process of integrating traditional culture and modern values.

The long historical and cultural tradition of the Chinese nation has provided more creative sources and reader markets for online literature and art.

  The cross-regional and internationalized characteristics of online platforms provide convenience for online literature and art to draw nourishment from around the world.

Online variety shows, online animation and online fantasy novels are all deeply influenced by Western literary forms.

At the same time, the momentum of "going out" of Chinese online literature and art is also quite rapid.

A large number of online novels and film and television dramas adapted from online literature are exported overseas. The production mode of online literature and art has been implemented overseas, attracting many foreign authors to translate or create online novels in their native languages.

The originality of national culture represented by Internet literature and art has begun to have a worldwide influence and has played a very important role in the dissemination of Chinese culture.

Internet literature and art should take this opportunity to strengthen itself while communicating with the world's outstanding literature and art with an all-encompassing and all-encompassing bearing and mind.

  Driven by new technologies, digital aesthetics has higher requirements for technical means on the basis of adhering to the artistic value and ideological value of works.

For example, in video art, the special effects technology, three-dimensional technology and artificial intelligence technology after the work is formed bring better audio-visual enjoyment to the audience.

It integrates the dual aesthetic concepts of traditional art connotation and external sensory technology, and applies technology throughout the development of work conception, creation, practice, reflection and improvement.

Through technical means, the abstract artworks in the minds of literary and art workers are outlined to simulate the form of expression, so that network literature and art can be combined with more art display means.

In addition, the exploration of the interactive platform of online literature and art can enable the sender and the recipient to have a direct dialogue through the interactive platform, and make online literature and art works more suitable for the needs of the audience through various methods such as big data, cloud computing, and hot discussions.

Technological development has prompted the development and application of Weibo, WeChat, short videos and a large number of apps, providing more channels for the popularization of literature and art.

A variety of online literature and art works that record life or explore hot spots have come out one after another, and online literature and art are closer to ordinary people.

Under the opportunity of technological leap, online literature and art must adhere to the broad and diversified development path, constantly explore new territories of literature and art, discover the "new continent" of literature and art, and meet the new aspirations of the audience.

  The network culture industry market is vast and valuable.

Online literature and art actively convey Chinese culture and have a broad space for development.

At present, the good development momentum and huge audience of online literature and art will become an important starting point for continuously enhancing the influence of Chinese culture.

Internet literature and art workers must always breathe and share the same destiny with the people, strengthen cultural self-confidence, show the charm and spiritual character of Chinese culture in the form and connotation of their works, and at the same time closely follow the pulse of the times, sing for the times and sing for the people. Strive to tell the story of China in the new era well in the online world.

(Author: Li Jianjun, Ph.D. student, School of Marxism, China University of Petroleum (East China))