On the set, Liu Dan created a terrifying aura.

She played a mother who lost her beloved daughter and tried to take revenge on society. She was dressed neatly and her hair was meticulously combed.

  Actor Ning Li has also experienced such a lonely studio.

He played a serial killer: in a ragged cotton jacket, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth that he felt scared afterward. After a scene, the young actors in the crew avoided him from now on.

  In the extreme way, they entered these extreme roles, and made out Tao Yinghong, the "Aunt Pot" in "The Beginning", and Li Toyota, the killer in "Crime of Undocumented".

The performance oozes eight or nine points of hateful or even terrifying, and the characters are even one or two points pitiful. The "evil" they interpret is a long ramp, and every step of the landslide is a warning to all living beings. itself.

Acting that is not wasted

  There are evil faces, and extreme characters challenge the imagination of evil.

Madness and paranoia are often the outward manifestations of such characters.

But the real fear is that their madness is not the result of mental insanity, but an ordinary man's indulgence of the evils of human nature.

  On the Internet, Li Toyota and Tao Yinghong are called "adult shadows" after "childhood shadows" An Jiahe, which is the highest praise from young audiences for their acting skills.

To some extent, the hateful and terrifying performances of their performances are beyond the audience's imagination of bad guys.

They are so bad, but they are so ordinary.

  Ning Li and Liu Dan value the interpretation of "ordinary".

Li Toyota is a vicious killer, but he is neither cool nor mighty. The image of an ordinary worker is not recognizable in the crowd.

His evil originates from animal nature, a kind of animal nature that is not bound by morality and law. A word or even a look may inspire this worst evil.

  To handle this animal nature, Ning Li used inch strength.

There was a smashing scene, he designed a detail, and after the smashing, Li Toyota wiped the blood on his hands with a pennant, just like an ordinary person would do with dirty hands after work.

In another scene, he removed the cotton wool from the filter, put it in his mouth, and lit the paper left over from the filter.

The flames burned his beard, and in the dark, he looked hideous.

  The pennant wipes blood and smokes in the opposite direction. This inch strength makes Li Toyota different from the instrumental killers in most domestic film and television dramas.

He is the worst, and doing evil to him is everyday life.

The worst of Ning Li's interpretation is not deliberately exaggerated or dramatic, but lurks in the daily life, calm and creepy.

  When creating Tao Yinghong, Liu Dan did not think about the direction of horror.

Instead, she wanted to present an ordinary person with biased ideas to the audience.

In the scene where she decided to die, Tao Yinghong changed her unkempt face when she lived in Jialin, put on the clothes she used to be a chemistry teacher, and put on some lipstick.

This is Liu Dan's design.

In the eyes of the audience, bombing a car is Tao Yinghong's craziest moment, but Liu Dan retains the aspect of ordinary people for the role - the last side left to the world, Tao Yinghong hopes to be a proud teacher, in decency and dignity end.

  Tao Yinghong is so bad that it makes people grit their teeth, but Liu Dan's performance is restrained, and he doesn't even show crazy details for the character design.

She plays the stumble of an ordinary person at a dark moment in life.

It's a shame to let this character out of the circle. Pity is the depth of this character.

Liu Dan pulls the role back to the frame of an ordinary person: on this ramp to the worst, Tao Yinghong once lived proudly and desperately as a noble ordinary person and a poor ordinary person.

How we gaze into the abyss

  Human nature is the coexistence of good and evil.

In Batman: The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger's Joker says to Batman, "Your presence makes my life feel complete."

  The clown is the secret hidden deep in people's hearts.

In Li Toyota's appearance, the script was written that someone was hiding behind the sofa to watch him beat someone.

Ning Li took a grapefruit to replace the man's head, picked up the ashtray and smashed it more than ten times, a smile appeared on his face.

  This smile, undesigned, was Ning Li's unconscious revelation after he fully entered the role. He looked back and felt a chill down his spine.

  Losing control is an expression of animal nature, but losing control is not exclusive to killers.

When looking for this kind of emotional resonance, Ning ideally encountered an unruly driver while driving - "Road Rage" was so easily ignited, the anger was expanding, and he lost control in an instant, and he got out of the car and beat the other party violently. thoughts flashed in his mind.

There is a unit in the Spanish film "Story of the Wild", which is about two drivers who are driving away from each other, accumulating a little bit of hostility, and finally evolving into an extreme situation of double burning.

Under the peaceful life, the volcano is surging.

The scary thing about Li Toyota is that when evil is unchecked, when evil becomes commonplace, his danger brings a huge sense of insecurity.

This sense of insecurity is the psychological shadow of the audience, and it is also an early warning - is the chain of law and morality tied to the animal nature that is just around the corner?

  The most emotional place must have the most unspeakable fortune.

  Tao Yinghong gathers all the emotions of the audience.

This character used to be a very good chemistry teacher who gave all the kindness to the world but was pulled into the abyss herself.

My daughter died, and she was hit by Internet violence after her death.

She can't understand, so she falls into paranoia; she loses her connection to the world and chooses to perish together to solve the problem.

She couldn't tell who was the last straw that broke her.

  The connection to reality gives the character a widely discussed value.

People who follow the drama hate Tao Yinghong's landslide, hate the ignorance of the law and the lack of reverence for life behind the extreme choices.

In the same way, through this role, we can peer into the abyss: how do good people surrender the world to the endless online violence?

What are the consequences of group malice?

Are we aware of our words and actions that may catalyze evil deeds?

Deduce the aftertaste of humanity

  The mutual achievement of roles and acting skills is the luck of being an actor.

  Li Toyota and Tao Yinghong did not waste the acting skills of Ning Li and Liu Dan, and Ning Li and Liu Dan also lived up to these two roles.

Social networking sites circulated their highlights and moments of consecration. Young people called them "Uncle Feng" and "Aunt Guo", joking that they each contracted the ceiling of domestic dramas such as men and women.

Ning Li and Liu Dan became popular in middle age. Their previous works and experiences were repeatedly spread, and their names were closely related to their strengths.

  Red is the role, boiled is the actor.

  Their understanding of the characters is also their gaze on human nature, which permeates every frame of the performance, giving a concrete image of the worst; their expression of the characters oozes hateful, horrible, and complex human nature Aftertaste.

Under their interpretation, the extreme characters are no longer symbols of evil, tools to promote the plot, but give the audience an opportunity to introspect themselves - to ask themselves whether these darkest secrets in human nature exist?

Is it getting worse or worse?

And when we admit that the evil of human nature is inevitable, how will we protect those rising hopes, how to appease those broken hearts, and how to encourage the kindness of human nature?

  Through these characters, what we see is the distance from evil.

  Su Zhan