As a result of genome analysis of patients confirmed to be infected with the new corona, Osaka Prefecture has so far called "BA.2", which has been pointed out that 13 people are a type of Omicron strain and have even higher infectivity. Announced that it was confirmed to be infected with a virus.

Three of them have no known route of infection and are considered to be community-acquired.

"BA.2" is a kind of Omicron strain, which is a virus of a different strain from the one that is currently the mainstream of the epidemic, and has been confirmed in Japan such as Hyogo prefecture and Tokyo.

Regarding this, Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture conducted a genome analysis on reporters on the 22nd, targeting more than 3,000 patients in the prefecture who were confirmed to be infected with the new corona, and as a result, 13 people in total by the 21st. It was revealed that the infection was confirmed.

Of these, three people confirmed between the 16th and the 18th of this month have no history of overseas travel, the infection route is unknown, and it is considered to be a community-acquired infection. We are aware that the infection is likely to spread. "

On the other hand, Governor Yoshimura has been dispatched by doctors and nurses from the government to start full-scale operation of a temporary medical facility for the elderly opened at a hotel in Osaka City from the 21st to the 24th. I made it clear.

In addition, we announced that we will start operating two accommodation facilities exclusively for the elderly within a few days, and will promote the acceptance of elderly patients with a total of 600 beds in the three facilities.

Governor Yoshimura said, "We would like to prevent the aggravation of the elderly by providing early treatment, and also to prevent the sickbed from becoming tight by using it as a place to accept people who have been hospitalized once after discharge."