The number of people who died in the sixth wave of the new coronavirus that spread the Omicron strain was close to 4,000 by the 22nd, exceeding the fifth wave of last summer when the Delta strain spread. ..

The number of people who were announced to have died from being infected with the new coronavirus was 319 people nationwide on the 22nd, exceeding 300 for the first time and reaching a record high. The total number of people who died in the 6th wave is 3947, which is close to 4000.

In the 5th wave of last summer when the Delta strain spread, 3073 people died from infection with the new corona from August to October last year, including those who died after being infected with the 4th wave. The total number of people announced in July last year was 3483, which is higher in the 6th wave.

The Omicron strain, which is currently widespread, is said to have a lower risk of becoming more severe than the Delta strain, while the number of infected people was more than 920,000 during the four months from July to October last year in the fifth wave. On the other hand, in the 6th wave, in less than two months until today, the number of people has increased to nearly 2.89 million, which is an order of magnitude higher, and more people are dying.

In addition, most of the people who died are elderly people, and those who die that the infection that was initially spreading in the younger generation is spreading among the elderly people who are at high risk of becoming severe, such as clusters in welfare facilities. Behind the increase, the percentage of infected people who died and the case fatality rate were gradually increasing from 0.10% on the 15th of last week to 0.14% today.