Zhongxin Finance, February 22. According to the WeChat official account of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission recently issued a notice to develop and issue the "Guidelines for the Design and Implementation of High-Quality School-based Homework System (Trial)" (below) for 8 disciplines including primary school Chinese. "Guidelines" for short), on the basis of "reducing the total amount and controlling the time", it pays more attention to "high-quality, systematic and school-based" to ensure that the assignments given to students are more targeted and appropriate.

  The publication of the "Guide" marks that Shanghai will fully launch the construction of a high-quality school-based homework system for compulsory education from 2022, implement the design and implementation of homework, improve teachers' ability to design homework, give full play to homework testing, teaching, and consolidate Teaching and developing teaching functions, so as to further improve the quality of daily work in schools in the compulsory education stage, and further reduce the workload of students in the compulsory education stage.

  It is understood that the related work will mainly focus on three points.

  One is to focus on high-quality work.

First of all, the basic process of design and implementation of assignments in various disciplines is clarified to ensure the scientific and normative nature of assignments.

Secondly, the various types of assignments in each subject are clarified. For example, junior high school English proposes assignment types such as listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing; junior high school physics proposes text assignments, experimental production assignments, and practical research assignments.

Junior high school chemistry proposes habit-forming homework.

Each discipline has clarified the quality standards for each type of work design in the discipline.

Finally, it is emphasized that high quality is not only high in design quality, but also high in job execution quality.

The specific requirements for high-quality correction, analysis, and commentary guidance are clarified.

  The second is to highlight the systematic implementation.

It is emphasized that teachers should design high-quality homework under the guidance of the concept of unit homework design and according to the curriculum standards, teaching materials and students' characteristics. Implement, guide students to complete after-school homework in a targeted manner according to the characteristics of the subject, adopt standardized methods to improve the effect of correcting homework, scientifically diagnose and analyze the completion of students' homework, comprehensively consider common and individual problems, carry out timely homework commentary, and do a good job according to students' needs. Homework guidance.

During the design and systematic implementation of high-quality homework, teachers track the completion of students' homework, summarize the teaching problems reflected in students' homework, analyze problems in homework design, and iteratively optimize homework design and implementation.

  The third is to attach importance to the implementation of school-based.

Emphasizes giving full play to the main role of the school, starting from the school situation and learning situation, forming a management system with school characteristics, incorporating the design and implementation of high-quality school-based work system into the school-based teaching and research system, giving full play to the strength of the school's teaching and research team, and focusing on high-quality school-based homework design, Effectively improve the homework design ability of each teacher, and form an effective path to improve teaching efficiency.

School teaching administrators must balance the total amount of homework in each subject within the grade, and the school subject teaching and research team leader must plan the subject work of each grade in the school. In the process of designing and implementing high-quality homework, iterate continuously to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of homework. Sexuality, give full play to the educative function of homework.