The average age of the pick-up team

  that protects children on their way home from school is 60 years old

  [Location] Niujie Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

  [Event highlights] The community sunset red pick-up team voluntarily maintains traffic order around the campus regardless of rain or shine, and escorts students through intersections with heavy traffic flow

  Every day after school, a group of volunteers are always on duty at the intersection near the Huimin Primary School in Niujie Street, Xicheng District, to "escort" the safety of the students.

The volunteers who "escort" the students are from the Sunset Red Pickup Team of Niujie Dongli Community, Niujie Street. They are composed of community retired party members and volunteers. Since their establishment in September 2001, they have voluntarily maintained the traffic order around the campus regardless of rain or shine. , escort the students safely through Niujie Sitiao, which is crowded with people and vehicles, to the intersection of Input Hutong.

  In the past 21 years, the total service time of the shuttle team has reached more than 4,000 hours, and the number of services has reached 496,000.

  Road widening increases traffic flow

  Volunteers of the transfer team stand on the "escort post"

  21 years ago, after Niujie Street was widened and opened to traffic, the traffic flow increased, but the supporting facilities did not keep up. There were no traffic lights in the east-west direction from Niujie Street and Niujie Street to the intersection of Input Hutong.

The Huimin Primary School is located in the first district of Niujie Xili. Nearly half of the students live in the Dongli community of Niujie, and the 4th Niujie has become the only way for most students to go to and from school.

It is very unsafe for a large number of unmanned children to shuttle in the traffic every time after school.

To this end, Niujie Dongli Community, adhering to the principle of "caring for minors and caring for their healthy growth", established a community sunset red pick-up team.

  "After the establishment of the shuttle team, volunteers will be on duty at the four intersections of Niujie Street every afternoon after school to maintain traffic order, persuade passing vehicles to slow down when passing the four intersections of Niujie Street, and be courteous to students and pedestrians. Even if traffic lights are installed at the intersection later, we will I also stick to the intersection and contribute my little strength to the children's safe school discharge." Liu Huanhuan, the captain of the transfer team, said that before the start of each semester, the transfer team will contact the school teachers in advance to determine the students' dismissal time, and at the same time, the team leaders will be called for a meeting. , to explain the daily dismissal time and service hours of this semester, and arrange a volunteer service team to be on duty at the four intersections of Niujie Street every day from Monday to Friday to maintain traffic order and escort students across the road.

  Regularly organize safety education

  The escort team goes to work on time, rain or shine

  "Students, don't worry, wait for the red light to pass!" "Be careful, watch the car!" Every morning and afternoon, the "Sunset Red Pickup Team" arrives at the intersection on time and starts "on duty".

As the students continued to come to the intersection, everyone also got busy.

  Since the establishment of the "Sunset Red Transfer Team", the team members will go to work on time regardless of wind, rain, heat or cold throughout the year.

"As long as you are on duty, no matter what happens at home, you will definitely go out on time."

  In order to pick up the children, the members of the "Sunset Red Pickup Team" sometimes don't have time to cook at home; sometimes relatives and friends come to work first; sometimes they feel sick, and they have to find someone to replace them.

  "With them, our parents are very relieved." "I admire them for being able to persist for such a long time." "If I have time, I would like to participate in their activities!" In the hearts of parents, the "Sunset Red Pickup Team" has long been Become a "Road Angel".

  At present, there are 20 official members of the transfer team, with an average age of 60 years old, and more than 30 candidates. If the official members withdraw, they will be screened and trained according to the order of registration.

The transfer team is divided into 5 groups, each group has 4 people, and each group has a group leader to inform the service matters.

  For these volunteers, Niujie Dongli Community will regularly conduct training seminars such as safety education and experience exchange, and promptly commend volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to strengthen team building.

  Witness the growth of primary school students into graduate students

  Volunteering makes the "Road Angel" younger

  Liu Huanhuan is 74 years old this year. Since she participated in the shuttle service in 2004, she has witnessed many primary school students turn into current graduate students, and some have already entered the workplace.

When a former student parent saw Liu Huanhuan, he kindly said, "Auntie, are you still doing volunteer service?" Liu Huanhuan said happily, "Because I like children, when I see them jumping and greeting me every day, I feel I am very young and very happy.”

  There are a lot of pedestrians in the Niujie area. The volunteers of the pick-up team are not only responsible for picking up children to cross the road, but also guiding the pedestrians.

"These years of volunteer service have enriched our retirement life and enhanced our sense of social responsibility. Some of the parents of students who were served at the beginning have now become part of the team, and they have continued to contribute." Liu Huanhuan said.

At the beginning of its establishment, there were only 8 people in the shuttle team. After years of service, it won the support and praise of the school and parents, and also attracted many community residents to participate in volunteer services, and the team continued to grow.

  Text / Ren Kexin