Héloïse Goy, with Alexis Patri 9:59 a.m., February 22, 2022

Banned from the main social networks after his barely veiled call for insurrection, former United States President Donald Trump announced that he was working on the creation of his own social network.

It's now done, with the launch of "Truth Social", its own platform largely inspired by Twitter.

It's a new social network, like no other.

Donald Trump launches "Truth Social" ("the social network of truth", in French), his own platform.

The former president of the United States was banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube following the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Twitter even banned him for life.

It is therefore to offer an alternative to these major platforms and to be able to publish messages all in capital letters again at will that he is launching Truth Social.

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Donald Trump assures that this application "will stand up against the tyranny of Big Tech to give everyone a voice".

This new platform has the same functionality as Twitter (and a very similar interface), with the ability to send direct messages between users, receive post notifications or block certain users.

Unlike Twitter, it is possible to edit a post after it has been made public.

A fully functional app at the end of March

The app launched on Apple's App Store on Monday, but ran into technical issues due to the huge number of downloads.

The mobile version should be fully functional by the end of March, but only in the United States.

The application is already at the top of the most downloaded free programs from Apple's online store.

American observers note that this new social network will allow the former president to add additional bricks for a new campaign in 2024. Donald Trump does not hide his desire to run again for the American presidential elections.