Always the same sad observation.

In a new video broadcast this Tuesday morning, the L214 association attacks a chicken farm located in Moncé-en-Saosnois, in Sarthe.

Filmed in a huge hangar, we see sick poultry, sometimes corpses in a state of decomposition, all in an environment of “extreme density” (22 chickens raised per m2), with “no access to the outside”.

Owner of the breeding, the LDC group which produces the Le Gaulois brand is once again in the sights of the association.

The farm, where “45,000 animals would be crammed simultaneously in two buildings” would be the typical example of the intensive breeding model that L214 denounces.

A complaint for "bad treatment" had already been filed by the association against an LDC chicken farm in Mayenne, last November.

A petition to ask the group to stop its practices has collected some 120,000 signatures.

In a press release, the poultry giant once again denounces “a montage of shocking images” and evokes remarks which “offend the professionalism and commitment” of partner breeders, reports France Bleu Maine.


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