▲ Marvel Comics Variant cover to be released in May

Spider-Man in hanbok will appear on the cover of the latest issue of Marvel Comics, which will be released in May.

Yesterday (21st), illustrator Obsidian (real name Woo Na-young) posted on his Twitter, "I worked on a variant cover of Silk #5 issued in the United States at the request of American Marvel Comics."

A 'variant cover' refers to a cover created by an illustrator other than Marvel's illustrator.

This is a kind of special cover concept, attracting a lot of attention from Marvel fans, and in May, you can see the cover decorated by our Korean illustrator.

As illustrator Obsidian, who became a hot topic for working on the cover of the ‘silk’ variant of Marvel Comics in 2020, is taking over the work again after two years, the reaction of the domestic Marvel fandom is also hot.

The cover of Variant of Silk #5, released by illustrator Obsidian, features Spider-Man in Hanbok.

You can find a familiar composition in the picture because it is a parody of 'Dano Pungjeong' by the folk artist Hyewon Shin Yun-bok.

Illustrator Obsidian drew exotic Spider-Man by borrowing the scenes of women washing their clothes and riding on a swing.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see the main character, 'Silk', wearing a hanbok, on a swing, and on the right, Spider-Gwen tying her hair in pigtails.

At the bottom of the picture, two Spider-Man are washing suits while wearing hanbok, and at the top, the villains Green Goblin and Mysterio are spying on the stream like the monks in 'Dano Pungjeong'.

▲ 2020 illustrator Obsidian's Variant cover

Illustrator Obsidian said that he received a request from Marvel to "make it look like an old Korean painting," and said that he even asked for something more Korean than the draft he sent.

He also explained the story behind the creation of the cover of Variant, saying, "(Marvel) suggested a parody of 'Dano Pungjeong', and they liked it very much, and they asked other Spider-Man to draw him in hanbok as well."

The cover of the Marvel Comics Variant I worked on this time will be released throughout the United States in May.

Illustrator Obsidian said on his Twitter, "'Silk' is a character I have been interested in since it first came out because it is set in a Korean-American setting. I hope,” he added.

This is a 'news pick'.

(Photo=Illustrator Obsidian Twitter)