The COP follow one another but no longer manage to convince.

Visiting Cairo, John Kerry, the American special envoy for the climate estimated on Monday that "more countries" must join the cause of the fight against climate change during the next edition.

COP27 will take place next November in Egypt.

Alongside Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Choukri, in charge of organizing this international climate conference in November in Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea, John Kerry hailed "significant progress" during the edition previous in Glasgow, yet described as disappointing.

“We need more countries to join the movement”

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres had judged that the Glasgow commitments were "not enough" in the face of the litany of disasters and the need to reduce emissions by almost 50% by 2030 so as not to exceed +1.5°C.

“In Glasgow, we managed to convince 65% of the economic world (…) now we need more countries to join the movement,” said John Kerry.

“We are talking about a threat to our planet that forces us to think about how to deal with it, based on science, mathematics, physics, what is happening is happening because of humans, choices whether we do or not,” he added.

Diplomatic scene

“Today, we discussed in detail the priorities of the Egyptian presidency of COP27”, explained Sameh Choukri, while few details have so far filtered through on the organization of this summit accompanied each year by events in a countries where gatherings are virtually banned.

Egypt, a regional political heavyweight and the most populous of the Arab countries, makes it a point of honor to appear on the front of the world diplomatic scene.

It is thus betting on the organization of COP27 to establish itself as a key player on the climate issue.

Green projects

The country of 102 million people, whose north coast is threatened by rising waters and which is seeing its corals die with the warming of the Red Sea, is already multiplying projects to reach its target of 42% of its electricity coming from renewable energy by 2035.

For human rights defenders, on the other hand, the awarding of COP27 to Egypt is perceived as a “reward for the power of repression”.


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