"Sniper" breaks 500 million yuan at the box office

  Telling Chinese Stories with "Chinese Romance"

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  Reporter Song said

  Zhang Yimou's first Spring Festival movie "Sniper" broke through 500 million yuan at the box office last weekend and won the love of over 11 million viewers.

As the first domestic film based on the deeds of real snipers to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, the film "Sniper" tells the story of the soldiers of the "Sniper Class Five" in order to rescue their comrades and protect intelligence, using flexible and mobile combat wisdom to "win the battle with tactics" and fight against the enemy. The story of an army fighting to the death.

The film recently exposed behind-the-scenes footage. Zhang Yimou did his best to tell Chinese stories with "Chinese-style romance", showing the cultural self-confidence of the Chinese people.

  The behind-the-scenes footage of the movie "Sniper" was revealed. Director Zhang Yimou emphasized that he should take the national cultural confidence as the root, tell Chinese stories well, show the Chinese spirit, and inherit the Chinese spirit.

The film depicts a corner of the grand battlefield in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea with a small incision and a detailed section, and uses a seemingly ordinary war of "sniper class five" to reflect the heroic stories of thousands of volunteer soldiers guarding their hometowns and showing greatness. The spirit of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea.

As director Zhang Yimou said, it is the cultural confidence of the Chinese nation that has become more and more progressive and calm in recent years, which has brought him self-confidence, the entire team and even everyone, and implemented it into creation. , what kind of spiritual outlook should be displayed.”

Small but beautiful, elegant and refined, focusing on the fresh individuals behind each grand narrative, he and them in "Sniper Fifth Class" and "the cutest people".

  In the production process of the movie "Sniper", in order to be close to the real battlefield, director Zhang Yimou led the creative team to insist on shooting the whole scene of ice and snow in the col of Jilin Baishan with the lowest temperature reaching -35℃. We vow to bring audio-visual shock to the audience with the production of excellence.

At the same time, director Zhang Yimou also tells Chinese stories with "Chinese-style romance", from the iconic Zhang Yimou-style aesthetics, to the impressive countdown to the twenty-four solar terms at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, to "Sniper" The almost black-and-white visual expression of extreme restraint in "Hand" is full of emotional power.

  In addition, director Zhang Yimou also knows that the film is a socialized work rather than a self-appreciating work. "Sniper is about youth and blood, and the feelings of family and country are engraved in the bones of the Chinese people. A deep-rooted feeling", which transcends time and space and transcends history to resonate with young people and gain the love of young audiences.

  As early as before the release of the movie "Sniper", director Zhang Yimou once said that "the Beijing Winter Olympics is a national event, and one second cannot be delayed".

Since the filming of the film, director Zhang Yimou has devoted himself to the preparations for the opening and closing ceremonies of the much-anticipated Beijing Winter Olympics. Congratulations all over the world.

In the design of the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics, director Zhang Yimou continued the story of "a snowflake", focusing on the athletes themselves, "this is their celebration party after hard training and hard work on the field", in the collision of red passion and blue romance Among them, the athlete's ice and snow passion and hard work are presented to the world audience in a Chinese-style romance.

From "a sniper rifle" to the 5th class fighters, to "a snowflake" behind every Winter Olympic athlete, behind every grand narrative, there are vivid and vivid participants.