Priority measures such as prevention of the spread of new corona measures will be extended until the 6th of next month in Osaka, etc., while the 5 prefectures of Okinawa, Yamagata, Shimane, Yamaguchi, and Oita will be lifted on the 20th.

Okinawa Naha “Regional economic recovery” “Continuing measures”

In Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, there were voices requesting the recovery of the local economy and the continuation of infection control measures.

Of these, an office worker in his 50s said, "I think it will be easier to go outside because there are no restrictions on drinking alcohol, but I think it will be a long-term relationship with corona measures."

Another office worker in his 50s said, "I want you to keep the economy running as much as possible because the restrictions have continued for a long time. I am careful not to get infected so that I can return to normal life as soon as possible. I hope. "

On the other hand, Kokusai-dori, which was crowded with students on school trips to buy souvenirs before the Corona disaster, was quiet on the 21st.

A tourist in his twenties from Tokyo said, "I'm going home today, but I was sad because there weren't many people and many shops were closed."

A souvenir shop clerk said, "I don't expect much now because the infection is spreading in other prefectures. I want many people to visit after the infection has subsided."

Use of Yamaguchi Iwakuni Park resumed for the first time in about a month and a half

The park in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture was crowded with parents and children.

In Iwakuni City, the use of public facilities has been suspended in principle since it became a target area of ​​"Priority Measures for Prevention of Spread" from 9th last month.

Of these, Atagoyama Owl Park is a popular park with colorful large playsets inspired by owls, and its use resumed for the first time in about a month and a half on the 21st.

Parents and children and foreigners visited the park immediately and were playing on slides.

A 0-year-old son and a father in his 30s who visited said, "I came here for the first time because I heard that it will be used again. It was difficult to shop in Corona, but I think the infection situation in the city has calmed down." I did.

Hotel in Oita Beppu "Rewind"

At a hotel located in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, one of the leading hot spring resorts in Japan, we are trying to recover from the current situation where the number of customers is drastically decreasing.

In Oita Prefecture, the "priority measures to prevent spread, etc." that had been applied since the 27th of last month were lifted on the 20th because the infection situation was calm.

At the Oniyama Hotel in Kannawa, Beppu City, there are days when cancellations are made one after another and only one or two groups can be booked a day during the period of priority measures, and the hotel is forced to be closed for a total of 9 days. I was hit hard.

After the cancellation of the priority measures was decided, new reservations have begun to be made mainly for customers from the prefecture.

Yoshimasa Mihara, Sales Manager of Oniyama Hotel, said, "I think it's bright news because the cancellations have continued to be painful, and I'd like to take this opportunity to rewind."

On top of that, he said, "I think people in Oita Prefecture have become easier to move, but since most of the customers are from outside the prefecture, it is still tough in the current situation where neighboring prefectures have not been released yet." I was hoping for convergence.