A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission's "Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in the Filing and Management of Educational Mobile Internet Applications (Draft for Comment)" proposed that education APPs for preschool children's training will all stop running.

The draft for comments combined with the previous Ministry of Education's requirement that subject training at the senior high school level should strictly refer to the policies implemented at the compulsory education stage. It can be seen that the scope of supervision of the "double reduction" policy will be further extended in the future and will run through the entire process of the development of children and adolescents' education.

  Since the implementation of the "double reduction" policy in the fall semester last year, it has achieved remarkable results.

The school's teaching management has been strengthened, and the "zero starting point" teaching and support system for students with learning difficulties has been implemented in the compulsory education stage. The majority of teachers pay more attention to quality education and promote the all-round development of students. The majority of parents have gradually established the "health first" parenting concept , pay more attention to the physical and mental health of children.

Full coverage of after-school services, diversified after-school service courses guide children to cultivate their interests and specialties, which greatly reduces the time cost and financial burden for parents to choose training institutions for their children.

  The ultimate goal of "double reduction" is to open up enough growth space for children and adolescents, so that they can grow up healthily according to their own development laws.

Therefore, the "double reduction" policy should run through the whole process of minors' development.

Previously, the focus of the "double reduction" policy had been in the stage of compulsory education, which was the "hardest hit area" for off-campus training in the past, and it was also a "hard bone" that was difficult to crack.

Under the strong policy measures of the education authorities, the scale and quantity of subject training in the compulsory education stage has been greatly reduced, and a large number of leading enterprises in education and training institutions have withdrawn from the subject training in the compulsory education stage.

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission's plan to suspend the educational APP for preschool children is a beneficial attempt to expand and extend to the preschool stage on the basis of consolidating the results of the "double reduction" in the compulsory education stage.

  Relevant education experts believe that preschool children originally focused on play, and gradually improved their cognitive ability in the process of playing games.

Too early contact with learning will make them feel tired of learning.

At the same time, children exposed to electronic products too early and too frequently will not only affect their vision development, but also affect their language skills and interpersonal skills, making them more likely to indulge in electronic products.

Parents of preschool children can focus on cultivating their children's self-care ability and communication skills, and lay the foundation for them to adapt to primary school life in the future.

  Although this policy is still in the stage of soliciting opinions, it is not difficult to predict that once the policy is introduced, the online business of education for preschool children will inevitably be affected. .

(Source of Li Dan: Economic Daily)