China News Service, Fuzhou, February 20 (Reporter Long Min) On the 20th, many places in Fujian ushered in the first snowfall in the Year of the Tiger.

The Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory disclosed that from the night of the 19th to 8:00 on the 20th, snow appeared in the urban areas of 9 counties (cities, districts) in Zherong, Shouning, Zhouning, Pingnan, Pucheng, Ninghua, Qingliu, Mingxi and Sanyuan District. Or sleet, with snow in the urban areas of Zherong, Shouning, Zhouning and Pingnan.

  In addition, according to the reporter's knowledge, some places in Minhou County and Jin'an District of Fuzhou City, part of Xianyou County in Putian City, and Jiuxian Mountain in Dehua County, Quanzhou City also ushered in the first snow this year.

  Affected by the cold air, the temperature in Fujian Province dropped significantly on the 19th.

As of 8:00 today, the lowest temperature in the urban area of ​​4 counties (cities, districts) of Shouning, Zherong, Zhouning and Pingnan is below 0°C, with Shouning being the lowest at -2.4°C; 37 counties (cities, districts) The lowest temperature of 105 towns and towns is lower than 0℃, and the lowest temperature is -8.5℃ (1800 meters above sea level) in Suixi Town, Jianning.

  The Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory forecasts that from today to the 21st, there will be light snow, sleet or freezing rain in most of Nanping, most of Sanming, the northern part of Ningde, some towns in the northern part of Longyan, and the northwestern mountainous areas of Fuzhou and Quanzhou. Road icing occurs.

On the 20th and 21st, the temperature was low in the morning, and the lowest temperature in urban areas of Nanping, Sanming, most of Longyan, western Ningde, western northern Fuzhou, northwestern Putian and northern Quanzhou could reach -2-4 °C, with frost or freezing.

  The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics also ignited the enthusiasm of the southern people for ice and snow, and people in many places in Fujian set off an online and offline "snow-chasing fever".

On the online platform, many places in Fujian have uploaded photos or videos of local snow scenes, which have received high-frequency forwarding and likes.

In response to the people's online "chasing snow fever", local media in Fujian dispatched multiple reporters to broadcast live.

  Many people braved the cold wave to watch the snow with their families.

Dahu Township, Minhou County, and Guling Tourist Resort, Jin'an District, which are closer to Fuzhou City, have experienced congestion to a certain extent.

Xu He, a citizen of Fuzhou, drove more than 40 kilometers with his son to Dahu Township, Minhou County early in the morning to watch the snow. He told reporters that the Winter Olympics will make his son pay attention to ice and snow sports, and he specially brought his son to see and feel the snow. , I hope that the son born and raised in the south has an intuitive feeling for snow.

"Although the weather is cold, he is very happy today." (End)