(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) 3 new cases of asymptomatic infection were added in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and 93 people were closely quarantined in the early stage.

  China News Service, Wuxi, February 20 (Reporter Sun Quan) In the early morning of February 20, the Wuxi New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Joint Prevention and Control Headquarters issued the "Wuxi City Epidemic Prevention and Control Circular No. 68", announcing that there were 3 new cases in the city. Symptoms related to infected persons.

  It is understood that the 93 close contacts of these 3 asymptomatic infected persons have been quarantined in the early stage, and the three nucleic acid tests were all negative; as of 3:00 on February 20, 18 people were investigated, and the nucleic acid tests were all negative. 150 items and environmental samples from related places were tested negative for nucleic acid.

Wuxi Charity Enterprise donated vegetables and other materials.

  On the afternoon of February 19, Wuxi found that 3 people were initially screened positive in the nucleic acid test of the control personnel at the centralized isolation point (1 asymptomatic infected person ⑦ grandmother living together; 2 asymptomatic infected people ③ domestic service customers , for the mother-child relationship).

On the evening of February 19, they were all positive after being reviewed by the Wuxi CDC, and were immediately transferred to a designated hospital in Wuxi for further diagnosis and treatment.

In the early morning of February 20, after consultation with the Wuxi municipal expert group, it was diagnosed as an asymptomatic infection of the new coronavirus.

  At present, the Wuxi City and District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters have comprehensively carried out flow traceability, sampling and testing, and isolation control, and have strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures such as relevant site control and environmental disinfection.

  The three asymptomatic infected persons were quarantined on February 15 and February 16, respectively. One case was negative for the first four nucleic acid tests, and the other two were negative for the first three nucleic acid tests.

The children presented their paintings to the medical staff.

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  A reporter from Chinanews.com learned that since February 15, 10 new cases of asymptomatic infection have been added in Wuxi City.

In order to timely, accurately and effectively block the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Wuxi City has strictly implemented management measures such as centralized isolation and home monitoring to further improve the efficiency of flow investigation, community landing, isolation and transfer, and isolate key personnel in the shortest time.

  In addition, Liangxi District, Xishan District, Huishan District, Economic Development Zone and other places in Wuxi City have also carried out nucleic acid testing for all employees.

As of 3:00 on February 20, 2.018 million people in Wuxi had received nucleic acid test results, all of which were negative.