Job search, tips and advice to stand out in front of the recruiter

Hachemy Kane, Diara Ndiaye, Joséphine Mpaka in the studio at RFI.

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Looking for work is not an easy mission, especially when you lack experience or when it is your first job.

This research phase is essential.

A key moment that requires meticulous preparation and the application of a well-structured methodology to be effective.

When the job interview is done, you have to prepare...yes, but how?

How to prove your motivation and your desire to get a job to give you every chance of success?

So that your interlocutor knows that you are the ideal candidate for this position?



- Joséphine Mpaka,

HR consultant and independent trainer


Author of the practical guide “

Do you have the codes for success?


- Hachemy Kane


creator of the “Keys to integration” podcast

, for the Initiative of the week.


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