Pilot Walid Murad reveals details of his safe landing at Heathrow Airport

Captain Walid Murad, pilot of the Boeing 787 of the EgyptAir Police, who managed to land skillfully at Heathrow Airport in an extremely difficult atmosphere, said that operating the plane safely and professionally is one of the most important responsibilities and tasks of the pilot, especially during waves of bad weather and weather fluctuations. He explained that he took the decision to land the plane after communicating with the air traffic controllers and the air traffic control department at Heathrow Airport in London, and following up on the monitoring tools and the accompanying flight crew.

The pilot, Walid Murad, said in statements to the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan: "Thanks to God, we took the right decision, and the safety of all the flight passengers, the hospitality crew and all members of the flying crew was taken into account. I am proud of my work with EgyptAir, a leading company with a long history full of achievements and championships."

He added, "We do our best during all flights to prevent the plane from aquaplaning, or having to make an emergency landing, especially during weather fluctuations and bad weather waves, and we train all the time to deal with emergencies, to keep the cabin crew and the flight passengers calm."

He continued: "We were expecting as a team the airspace at Heathrow Airport in London before taking off from Cairo International Airport, and my colleagues and I were fully prepared in the cabin of the plane to deal with this situation that we are going through a lot, and we pass it with the grace of God first, then thanks to the continuous training, and the long experience in this field. Thus, passing this difficult situation is the result of many hours of training and passing exams, and the experience of many years of working and flying around the world.”

International media had praised the skill and efficiency of the pilot, Walid Murad, after he managed to land at Heathrow Airport, despite the strong winds raised by Storm Eunice, from the first time, unlike other planes that had to turn several times to land successfully.

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