Twenty-four solar terms highlight Chinese charm

  "Three '24's meet each other in an amazing way!"

  After watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Sui Bin sighed very much, especially the idea of ​​using the twenty-four solar terms as the countdown, which left a deep impression on him.

  Sui Bin is the Secretary of the Party Committee of the China Agricultural Museum, the chairman of the 24th Solar Terms Protection and Inheritance Alliance, and the leader of the 24th Solar Terms Application for UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity project. He has in-depth research on solar terms culture.

Sui Bin believes that the creative advantages of using the twenty-four solar terms as the countdown for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics are obvious:

  One is ingenious.

The Beijing Winter Olympics is the twenty-fourth edition of the Winter Olympics, and the opening ceremony happens to be held on February 4. The twenty-four solar terms are typical representatives of Chinese culture, and the three "24"s meet ingeniously.

On such an occasion, the twenty-four solar terms could not be more appropriate as an important element of the opening ceremony.

  The second is unique.

In the past, the countdown to Olympic events often started from 60, and some started from 30 or 10.

The Beijing Winter Olympics is based on the 24 solar terms and counts down from "24", which is an unconventional approach.

Audiences from all over the world will welcome the new spring together, making the "impression of China" more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  Where does such an idea come from?

  In April 2021, the countdown video for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics will enter the creative stage.

Li Zhiwei, director and director of the short film team for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, recalled that after the three-day brainstorming session, everyone was in trouble the next day.

It turned out that the countdown video, the digital countdown is just a form, and the content of the short video has too many possibilities, and everyone can't grasp the specific direction for a while.

  The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics happened to be the "Li Chun" in China's twenty-four solar terms, which pointed out a new direction for the team.

  Since it is the beginning of spring, why can't we start with Chinese culture, choose the twenty-four solar terms, and count down from 24?

Li Zhiwei recalled that at that time, the director team believed that using 24 to count down was very special, and it would definitely arouse the curiosity of the world. This was a good opportunity for us to introduce the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

At the same time, the beginning of spring itself has a very good meaning.

The beginning of spring, the beginning of the year, and the cold winter dissipates... "This idea has made the director team very excited. We hope that the Chinese people will be proud after watching the short film." Li Zhiwei said.

  Since then, the director team has continuously enriched the content of the short film around this idea. At the same time, the co-writing team has selected a poem for each solar term.

  "Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently."

  "The spring breeze is like a distinguished guest, and it is prosperous as soon as it arrives."

  "The sky is as cool as water at night, sit and watch Altair Vega."

  In the countdown video for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, behind the many solar terms, there is a well-known ancient poem, which conveys the unique romance of the Chinese to the world.

  Sui Bin said that the 24 solar term countdown video, through the combination of text and video, perfectly integrates and presents the essence of China's farming civilization for more than 5,000 years - the 24 solar terms and its poetry and contemporary ice and snow sports. It has brought multiple shocks and enjoyment to people.

  Tang Zhiqiang, director of the Agricultural History Research Department of the China Agricultural Museum and secretary-general of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Protection and Inheritance Alliance, introduced that the relationship between solar terms and poetry has existed since ancient times. Among tens of thousands of ancient Chinese poems, solar terms poetry is a gorgeous flower. Wonderful.

  Tang Zhiqiang introduced that the Tang and Song Dynasties were the peak of solar term poetry creation.

Literati writers and writers have created countless and well-known solar term poems, such as "in a light rain, many flowers are new, a thunderclap begins to sting", "the pear blossoms are in the clear and bright, and the wanderer is half out of the city in search of spring", "birds play on the sun of tung flowers, fish turn over the valley and Yuping", Let the scenery of the spring season come alive on paper.

"The dew is white from tonight, the moon is the hometown of Ming Dynasty", "The swallow is the last summer, and the insects call for the tender cold", "The cold dew shocks the autumn evening, and the chrysanthemum turns yellow", "The wind is rolling and the clouds are exhausted, and the sky is empty." Frost in the Sky", showing the changing weather in autumn.

  Tang Zhiqiang introduced that the solar term poems make people better perceive the natural atmosphere, so as to truly experience the intimacy and poetry of integrating into and living in harmony with nature, which has become an important basis for people to travel through time and space, feel the natural rhythm with poets, and make life full of poetry. , subtly engraved in the spiritual temperament of every Chinese, exuding the unique charm of the Chinese nation.

This is also one of the reasons why the countdown to the twenty-four solar terms at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics is popular among the public.

  Li Zhiwei said that after the broadcast on February 4, the countdown to the opening ceremony received unanimous praise from everyone, which was a bit beyond his expectations.

Perhaps as the chief director Zhang Yimou said, this idea is only suitable for the beginning of spring this year, and only in China at this moment.