Huludao, Liaoning: Social organizations at all levels suspend all kinds of gathering activities

  Today (February 18), Huludao City held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. Jiang Liyuan, deputy director of the Huludao Civil Affairs Bureau, released the relevant epidemic prevention and control situation at the press conference: 95 pension and welfare institutions in Huludao implemented all staff Closed-off management.

The caregivers and management personnel in the institution shall not enter inside or enter outside.

At the same time, make full use of TV, radio, reading and other cultural and entertainment means to activate the life of the supporters.

Use telephone, Internet and other forms to provide family members with family communication with relatives, relieve anxiety and increase family care.

All funeral homes in Huludao City have suspended activities such as wake-ups, farewells, and memorial services.

Suspend sacrifice sweeping activities in 49 cemeteries in Huludao, and only carry out burial and ashes storage business.

  55 marriage registration places in Huludao have implemented marriage registration appointment services to avoid crowds.

Services such as marriage registration and issuance and marriage and family counseling will be suspended.

All rescue management agencies in the city implement sub-regional management, and do a good job in the rescue and management of vagrants and beggars.

The city's more than 350 lottery betting sites have all entered a closed state.

Social organizations at all levels in Huludao have suspended seminars, forums, lectures, training, annual meetings, general meetings and other gathering activities.

  The Huludao Civil Affairs Bureau dispatched key personnel to form 8 epidemic prevention and control supervision and inspection teams, focusing on on-the-spot supervision and inspection of the city's communities and civil affairs service institutions for epidemic disposal, safeguard measures, inspection and registration, tracking services, home isolation, nucleic acid testing and other work.

Since February 8, it has supervised more than 120 points and found more than 20 shortcomings.

  (Headquarters reporter Li Chengze Lang Yichen)