On the 18th, it was announced that 2656 new people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Hokkaido.

Infection was confirmed in

1338 including 10 re-positives in Sapporo

, 220 in Ishikari

, 182 in

Kushiro, 163 in Hakodate

, 159 in Tokachi

, and 122 in Asahikawa.

▽ 119 people in Watashima region ▽


people in Kushiro region ▽

62 people in Sorachi region ▽

55 people in Otaru city ▽

46 people in Kamikawa region ▽

43 people in Shiribeshi region ▽

24 people in Okhotsk region

▽ 18 people in Hidaka region

▽ 13 people in Nemuro region ▽

7 people in Soya region ▽

4 people each in Kushiro region and Rume region ▽ 6 people outside Hokkaido announced


the road is "other", totaling 2656 people.

In addition, among those who have been confirmed to be infected so far, two women in their 80s and 90s, Sapporo city has two men in their 80s and 90s, and Hakodate city has undisclosed age and gender2. Otaru City has announced the deaths of a total of seven people, one in their 70s whose gender is undisclosed.

As a result, the total number of infected people in Hokkaido is 149,959, including the total of 84,345 in Sapporo, and the number of people who have died is 1,650.