Establishing more math in high school, the question remains unanswered.

To decide it, the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, launched a consultation committee.

The objective will be to “list the remarks” and come up with “realistic and effective scenarios for improving” the offer of this education, according to a letter sent to the staff.

Teachers have been alarmed for several years by a drop in the number of young people in Première and Terminale taking this subject, especially among girls.

Since the high school reform, which put an end to the traditional series (L, ES and S) in 2019, maths has been taught as a specialty, outside of the common core.

Few maths in the common core

They are no longer compulsory from Première, and can be followed as a specialty (there are three of them in Première, two in Terminale) or with the “complementary mathematics” option in Terminale.

At the beginning of February, Jean-Michel Blanquer had estimated that it would “probably” be necessary to add mathematics to the common core of Première and Terminale.

In a letter sent Thursday evening to teachers, inspectors and rectors, of which AFP obtained a copy, the minister, much criticized, explains launching a consultation.

"It is to better listen to the various expressions and have the broadest and most objective vision possible that I have decided to set up a committee of experts responsible for conducting a large series of hearings in the coming weeks. all interested parties,” he wrote.

great consultation

Since the beginning of February, the associations of mathematics teachers have been asking to be received urgently.

For this consultation, the minister says he is aiming "in the first place the associations of teachers of mathematics, as well as those of other disciplines according to appreciation, those of physical sciences-chemistry and sciences and life of the earth in particular".

It will also consult “the learned societies of mathematics and science, the representative organizations of the personnel, the representatives of the various authorities of higher education, and of course the representatives of the pupils and those of the parents of pupils”.

Arrangements for the next school year?

"The first meetings can be held next week," he says.

According to him, "this committee will endeavor to establish a complete report on the situation of mathematics within the new general high school, to list the remarks and proposals, and to provide me with realistic and effective scenarios for improving the offer of teaching mathematics”.

In an interview with Les


on Friday, Jean-Michel Blanquer affirmed that “some adjustments are possible from the start of the next school year, others will have to wait until 2023”.

“Among the immediate objectives could be the idea of ​​encouraging even more girls to choose the mathematical specialty in first”, he hoped.


Fewer and fewer girls "in all math courses"


High school: Jean-Michel Blanquer wants to put mathematics back into common education

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