As of Thursday evening, Eric Piolle took a position on his Twitter account to "support the Hijabeuses fight".

Guest of Europe 1 this Friday, the EELV mayor of Grenoble developed his point of view, in favor of this collective, which campaigns to allow women to wear the veil during football sports competitions.

However, in its regulations, the French Football Federation (FFF) prohibits “any wearing of a sign or outfit ostensibly manifesting a political, philosophical, religious or trade union affiliation”.

I support the #Hijabeuses fight.

On #Burkini and the relationship to the body, the majority that I lead to Grenoble have engaged in a process of reflection and training.

We will make our position public before the opening of the summer pools.#SpaceEcologiePopulaire

– Eric Piolle (@EricPiolle) February 17, 2022

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“The FFF twists the law, and it will not be able to hold, indicates Eric Piolle, who wishes the strict application of the law on secularism of 1905. You have the right to wear religious symbols in the street, you have the right to wear religious symbols everywhere.

At the Olympic Games, religious symbols are authorized and at the Paris Olympic Games, sportsmen and women will have the right to wear religious symbols and will have the right, I hope, to dress as they wish.


Elisabeth Moreno cropped by Marlène Schiappa

The elected environmentalist wanted to recall that the Minister Delegate for Gender Equality Elisabeth Moreno had also supported the approach of the "Hijabeuses", before feeling, according to him, "the friendly pressure of his little comrades".

“The law says that these young girls can wear the veil and play football.

On the football fields today, it is not forbidden to wear the veil.

I want us to respect the law ”, had indeed explained last week Elisabeth Moreno.

This was reframed on Tuesday by Marlène Schiappa, who pointed to "clumsiness" on her part.

Confronted since June 2019 with the question of the burkini in the municipal swimming pools of Grenoble, Eric Piolle is also committed to "a process of reflection and training", before revealing the position of the city at the time of the opening of the swimming pools. of summer.


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