Jalila Al-Maghribiya blows up a surprise: Tamer Hosni and his wife have been separated for a year and a half and represent people!

Talk about the relationship of the Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni and the Moroccan artist Jalila returned to the fore again, after the latter and her close friend revealed shocking surprises in a live broadcast on Instagram.

And Jalila and her close friend Hammouda Hussein announced that Tamer Hosni and his wife Basma Bousil had been separated for a year and a half, and Hussein also stated that his appearance in a live broadcast came to do justice to his girlfriend as a result of her exposure to injustice from the public after she was accused of wanting to kidnap Tamer from his wife.

Hammouda also confirmed that Tamer repeatedly tried to return to Jalila because he still loves her, describing the relationship of the Egyptian artist and Basma Bousil with the play in front of everyone after their separation.

He pointed out that Tamer and Basma are trying to show that their relationship is normal through their pictures posted on the communication sites, but they are separated and live in separate houses.

He also revealed that Tamer asked for his help to facilitate his meeting with Jalila, so he lured her to a hotel without revealing to her the identity of the person who will meet him. They sat and discussed.

Jalila's friend explained that on the second and third day they returned to the same villa and sat there for more than nine hours with Tamer Hosni. 

Hamouda Hussein confirmed that there is evidence of his statements, including photos and videos, of the meetings that brought together Jalila and Tamer.

As for Jalila, she revealed that she agreed to return to Tamer because of her great love for him after he went to her and contacted her asking her to return to him, denouncing the accusations leveled against her of trying to kidnap the artist from Basma Bousil.

The Moroccan artist did not hold back her tears when she asked the followers to have mercy on her, refusing to talk about the topic of her engagement to Tamer Hosni, and said that she would not speak until the second party spoke.

Jalila also commented, “He is my story. He has been separated from the mother of his children for a year and a half.. On this basis, I came back, and I am not coming to destroy someone’s house.. I am not a low person or a person from the street.”

These statements were not met by any response from Tamer Hosni or one of those close to him, amid a state of controversy among the public on the communication sites, demanding clarification of the truth.

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