On February 17, the reporter learned from the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Baise City, Guangxi, that the current adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control measures in Baise City does not mean that the epidemic prevention and control measures are lifted, the results of epidemic prevention and control are consolidated, and social order is restored in an orderly manner.

  The first is to carry out the "look back" action.

On the basis of the "door knocking action" carried out in the early stage, organize the team to carry out the "sweeping action", organize and carry out the review of all inspections, the review of all the inspections, the review of community prevention and control, the review of isolation point management, and the prevention of hospital infection. Looking back, we will draw inferences from one case to another, and make comprehensive rectifications to ensure that various epidemic prevention and control measures are implemented and effective.

  The second is to make every effort to treat cases.

Concentrate medical and nursing forces, implement one person, one policy, adhere to the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and do a good job in clinical diagnosis and treatment, so as to ensure zero hospital infection, zero death, and zero confirmed patients.

Continue to strictly implement the requirements of hospital infection prevention and control, further strengthen the closed-loop operation of isolation areas and wards, strengthen the protection management of medical staff and other staff, strictly do a good job in the disinfection of the hospital environment, standardize the disposal of medical waste, timely transfer, and do To the end of the day in the Qing Dynasty, strictly prevent the occurrence of nosocomial feeling.

At the same time, further increase the supply guarantee of medical equipment, medicines, consumables and other medical supplies to ensure the efficient development of medical treatment.

  The third is to provide services to ensure centralized isolation of personnel.

Further improve the service guidelines for isolation places, so that the scope of functions and content are clear; focus on work blind spots, and implement normalized supervision of isolation points; further implement the regular demand guarantee for isolation places, strengthen material supply, and be considerate in "zero distance" Services, focusing on the elderly, young, sick, disabled, pregnant, and critically ill patients, and do a good job in psychological counseling and family care to effectively help the masses pass the isolation period safely and stably.

  The fourth is to comprehensively strengthen community prevention and control.

Implement the "five-level guarantee" working mechanism for grid-based prevention and control of the epidemic, and fulfill the responsibilities of the grid staff layer by layer, so as to give full play to the role of the "five members" of epidemic prevention and control.

Ensure that all measures to prevent and control the epidemic are put in place.

  The fifth is to coordinate the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

Accurately and orderly promote the return of social order to normal, steadily promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises by classification and classification, and accelerate the promotion of agricultural preparation and production.

  (Headquarters reporter Liao Mi)