“Oh, brother, have mercy on us.” #Mustafa_Bakri attacks #Ibrahim_Issa because of “the women’s swimsuits in #Upper Egypt”

The journalist, Mustafa Bakri, criticized the statements of Ibrahim Issa, regarding the women of Upper Egypt wearing swimsuits.

Bakri said during the "Facts and Secrets" program on Sada Al-Balad channel, "You are taking us to this region. Are we required to insult those who read the Qur'an in pharmacies, then defend a film that deals with homosexuality, and demand that the religion field be removed from the card?"

And he continued: "Oh, my brother, have mercy on us with your words. You want us to cause sedition in the country. I demand the Supreme Council of Media to intervene because what is happening is sedition, see what the people are doing on social media."

The journalist, Mustafa Bakri, showed a picture of his mother, commenting, "My mother wears black all her life. Did my mother wear a swimsuit? The canal does not have swimsuits. Why do you make these accusations, why are you creating sedition in the country?"

He added: "Do not generalize and insult people, as you read from the book The Defeat of Defeat about Abdel Nasser in a way that you do not approach prayer. It is not correct for this talk to pass through words out of respect for society."

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