What is the disease of #Hind_Sabri, which she revealed for the first time?

Actress Hend Sabry revealed for the first time her psychological suffering with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and her daily feeling of fear of receiving the news of the death of a close relative.

Hend Sabry said in statements to Sayidaty magazine: "I suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, but I overcome it with the energy of love instead of the energy of fear, because the energy of love is the opposite of the energy of fear, and I am looking for love everywhere, and in the simplest things, especially since we live in a world controlled by fear."

She explained, "The situation has worsened in recent years because of my mother's illness and hospitalization, and my father's distance from her, and the increase in cases of sudden death, but I am trying to overcome the disease with the energy of joy because it is equal to the energy of fear."

She added, "I am a sensitive person and have a high intuition and feel for people who are not real, and I am always afraid about being a successful mother or not, and I try to overcome the energy of fear with love."

She said: We are expecting bad things and loss in the recent period, and the world has entered a new stage, and every day while browsing the social networking sites, I wait for the news of a new death, as death has become close to us, and takes those in their forties and thirties.

Sabri indicated that the reason for her constant feeling of fear is that her mother entered the hospital a while ago, after her father, and the many deaths and accidents, and she was trying to stay away from all negative energies by seeing love in everything.

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