In order to accelerate the third vaccination of the new coronavirus, Shizuoka Prefecture started the advance vaccination for so-called "essential workers" at a large-scale vaccination site in Shizuoka City from the 16th without a vaccination ticket. rice field.

According to the national total, the third vaccination rate in Shizuoka prefecture is only 9.54% as of the 14th.

In order to accelerate inoculation, the prefecture has decided to target so-called "essential workers" to inoculate ahead of schedule even if the inoculation ticket has not arrived from the local government, as long as it is more than 6 months after the second inoculation.

On the 16th of the first day, at the large-scale inoculation venue "Mokusei Kaikan" in Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, 73 people, including staff of facilities for persons with disabilities and school staff, had reservations, and they visited one after another from the morning. rice field.

A male office worker at a municipal school said, "I was worried about the infection, so I'm glad I hit it early. I was worried about side reactions, but I think it's okay to talk to the nurse."

Shinichi Shiozu, chief of the Prefectural Coronavirus Omicron Countermeasures Promotion Division, said, "Amid the spread of infection with the Omicron strain, we have decided to give priority inoculation to maintain social functions. I did.

Advance inoculation without an inoculation ticket is until the 11th of next month, and you can make a reservation from the same dedicated homepage as the large-scale inoculation in the prefecture.