China News Service, Hong Kong, February 16 (Reporter Han Xingtong) On February 4, ice and snow shined on the Fifth Ring Road, kicking off the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Athletes from all over the world slowly entered the stadium amid the cheers.

It was the turn of the Chinese Hong Kong delegation to enter the stadium. Hong Kong short track speed skater Zhu Dingwen served as the flag bearer. He held the SAR regional flag high and waved it back and forth excitedly, followed by three members of the delegation, all holding community flags, to the camera and the audience. Xi waved.

  This is Hong Kong's first appearance at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Although the number of the delegation was small, the two skiers Jin Hexiao, Weng Houquan and their coach were unable to attend the opening ceremony due to isolation, which did not affect the popularity of the Hong Kong delegation. "So handsome" and "Hong Kong athletes speak Northeastern dialect" both rushed to the hot search.

  The sudden attention "frightened" Zhu Dingwen. He asked the coach and Chinese short track speed skating world champion Sun Dandan: "What if someone asks me if I am really handsome?" This made Sun Dandan laugh.

  Jokes aside, for Hong Kong, a city without snow, the road to the Winter Olympics is really far away.

There is neither a natural geographical advantage nor an ice rink of international standard here. It is hard to imagine how difficult it is to train an athlete who can get a ticket to the Winter Olympics.

But Hong Kong athletes have never given up on their breakthroughs. They have been training in the mainland and abroad for many years, enduring pain and challenging their unknown selves.

  Since the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002, the Hong Kong team has qualified for the Winter Olympics for six consecutive times, and this year's Beijing Winter Olympics, there are three more athletes participating, the largest number ever.

  As Zhu Dingwen wrote on Weibo, the short tens of meters in the opening ceremony carried the sweat and tears that every athlete in Hong Kong once shed on the ice.

The Hong Kong Olympic Team represents a new era, ushering in a global ice and snow age, and showing the honesty and progress of Hong Kong youth.

  Legislative Council members also "group groups to chase stars"

  Salt Lake City in 2002, Turin in 2006, Vancouver in 2010, Pyeongchang in 2018... Fok Qigang, member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Association and Olympic Committee of China, counted the Winter Olympics that he personally attended. .

After counting, my mood is "more complicated". "I very much hope to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the capital of my country, but because of the epidemic and the work of the Legislative Council, I can't go there in person, which is a pity."

  However, Huo Qigang and his family watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics through live TV together, "I still remember watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and thought it was very exciting. 16 years later, in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, I saw technology and The combination of green and unique creativity." Huo Qigang said that he was proud of Beijing for hosting the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics successively.

  As for the various events, "sports fan" Huo Qigang has naturally not been left behind. He likes to watch short track speed skating competitions, and he says "very exciting". Strategy".

Huo Qigang also praised the Chinese team athlete Gu Ailing's dazzling performance on the field and the mature response to reporters' questions.

  "Of course I'm also very concerned about our athletes in Hong Kong." For example, young players Jin Hexiao, Huo Qigang admitted that he heard that she was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia earlier and worried that she would not be able to participate in the competition. , If you can't play in the end, it's a pity." Fortunately, Jin and Xiao have recovered and did not affect the competition.

But it is a pity that in the race on the 9th, Jin and Xiao made a bad start, but they made mistakes near the finish line.

But Huo Qigang thinks it doesn't matter, "This is also a learning experience for her."

  Like Fok Qigang, there are not a few Hong Kong people who follow the Beijing Winter Olympics. He also clearly feels that compared with previous years, people's attention to the Winter Olympics is increasing.

The most obvious is the live broadcast of the event by multiple TV stations, which, in his view, will help bring the Winter Olympics and Hong Kong closer.

"It is not easy to train an athlete who meets the standard in Hong Kong. It takes years to train in the Mainland and abroad. We Hong Kong citizens are very supportive of them."

  "Actually, there is also a group among our Legislative Council members." He said with a smile, the lawmakers will share the news of the competition in the group every day, discuss lively, and cheer for the athletes.

  As for the future development of ice and snow sports in Hong Kong, Fok Qigang also has a lot of insights.

He pointed out that the bottleneck of development lies in the venue. "At present, there is no international standard ice rink in Hong Kong for training and competition." If the SAR government can take the construction of a standard ice rink into consideration, it will be beneficial to ice hockey, short track speed skating and figure skating. and other sports development.

At the same time, Huo Qigang also suggested to conduct more talent exchanges with the Chinese national team and attract excellent coaches to Hong Kong.

  Hong Kong people gather from the air for their debut at the Winter Olympics

  On the evening of February 11, the men's 500-meter short track speed skating preliminary competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics was held.

Zhu Dingwen played in the eighth group, competing with many of the world's top athletes, including the Chinese national team player Wu Dajing.

In the end, Zhu Dingwen failed to advance because he ranked third in the group.

  After the game, Zhu Dingwen replied to the reporter in text: "Although the results are not as ideal, it is a bit regrettable, especially because it is not too comfortable to start together next to the opponent, but this time I have the opportunity to compete with other opponents in this high-level competition. , challenge myself, I feel that I have completed my task this time. At the same time, we are really honored and happy to be able to participate in this Beijing Winter Olympics. I hope everyone will continue to support ice and snow sports and try the fun of ice skating together.”

  And his debut at the Winter Olympics also touched the hearts of countless Hong Kong people from afar, who waited in front of the TV early.

  "Zhu Dingwen has done a good job at the start, but he hesitated a little when he passed the first corner and fell behind." Citizen Mr. Huang and his son watched the game on time. He has always been more concerned about this sport and watched it carefully.

Although he regrets that Zhu Dingwen stopped in the preliminary competition, Mr. Huang believes that Zhu Dingwen has done his best to do his best. "In fact, he represented Hong Kong on the top platform of sports competitions at a young age, which is already a very proud thing."

  The 5-year-old son couldn't understand the rules. There were always "100,000 whys" when watching the game. Mr. Huang explained to him patiently.

"Zhu Dingwen's battle has also given more Hong Kong people the opportunity to see and be willing to engage in short track speed skating, and even other ice sports." Mr. Huang said that during the Beijing Winter Olympics, his son was obsessed with watching the game. , "For a while I said I wanted to learn skating, and then I changed my mind to learn to ski." Mr. Huang said with a smile that when the epidemic eases, if his son is still interested, he will sign up for an skating interest class for him to experience it.

  In the past, Ms. Yang, a citizen, seldom paid attention to the Winter Olympics and was not familiar with the competition items.

"But because it was held in my own country this year, I learned a little bit more through the news. And there are 3 Hong Kong athletes participating, I want to cheer for them." Ms. Yang admitted that she was very nervous watching the game, "The short track speed skating competition is very exciting, It’s really a flash in the pan, it’s a bit like watching a 100-meter hurdles. Coupled with our Hong Kong athletes, I’m as nervous as I want to play.” Ms. Yang said that Zhu Dingwen still did not give up after falling behind the other three players , did his best to catch up, which moved her very much, "He has proved himself."

  Xu Tianci, a Hong Kong university student, is also very concerned about the performance of the three Hong Kong athletes. "The most important thing is not whether they can win medals for Hong Kong, but their participation will inject some new impetus into Hong Kong." He explained that the new impetus includes driving Hong Kong Citizens' enthusiasm for the Winter Olympics.

Xu Tianci said frankly that in Hong Kong, where there is no snow all year round and every inch of land is expensive, the threshold for exposure to ice and snow sports is high, and people have fewer opportunities to experience it. It is an opportunity to make ice and snow sports well known in Hong Kong, and even gradually become popular.

  He remembers watching the live broadcast with relatives on the night of the opening ceremony.

When he saw the delegation from Hong Kong, China, "although there was only a dozen seconds of footage, my heart was really surging." He described this pride as twofold. It is an honor for athletes from my hometown to have a place on the world stage of the Olympic Games.

  A "pier" is hard to find Hong Kong journalists failed to purchase on behalf of

  To talk about the "top class" of this Winter Olympics, in addition to star athletes such as Gu Ailing and Yuzuru Hanyu, the mascot Bing Dundun must be counted.

  The playful and cute Bing Dundun is also very popular in Hong Kong. Zhu Dingwen posted a photo with Bing Dun Dun on social media and made the exact same action.

  On the local discussion forum and social media, a large number of Hong Kong netizens asked: I also want Bing Dun Dun, where can I buy Bing Dun Dun?

  This can be seen from the "How difficult is it to bring "Bing Dun Dun" home?

"The answer is found in "Reporter's Notes" - "Even as a Winter Olympics reporter, it is not easy to bring this red-hot mascot home. Although the Winter Olympics boutique in the media center is full of It is open for 12 hours, but Xiaoji has never seen a time when there is no queue outside the door. Even if you successfully enter the store, it does not mean that you can buy what you want. Sorry to say sorry to friends and family.

  On February 16, the Chinese Hong Kong team ended all events in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Although they did not win a medal, they have successfully pursued their dreams without any regrets.

They have left the hard training, pain and despair of the past few years, all on the field.

What has been taken away is the dream that follows the shadow, as well as the loneliness and obsession to realize it, waiting for the next bloom.