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  "Corruption for power, money, sex... My problems are too serious!" Li Xinyuan, former secretary of the Guigang Municipal Committee of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, repented in tears.

This is the picture of the feature film "Heavy Confession, Profound Warning" played at the recent warning education conference for leading cadres in Guangxi.

  This is the first time in Guangxi that the warning education conference for leading cadres in the district is held in conjunction with the second plenary session of the 12th session of the Disciplinary Committee of the district.

Six "persons in the case" who seriously violated discipline and law appeared in the warning education feature film. These cases profoundly revealed that the root cause of corruption's degeneration lies in the loss of ideals and beliefs, abandoning the original mission and mission, and at the same time highlighting the harm of improper family style and other problems.

  "Leading cadres in the region must thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's strategic thinking on the party's self-revolution, take politics as the first requirement, loyalty as the first standard, and integrity as the bottom line." The autonomous region party committee is mainly responsible for People analyzed typical cases from five aspects: sticking to the true nature of loyalty, sticking to the feelings of serving the people, sticking to the bottom line of integrity, sticking to a strong style, sticking to the duty and mission, and putting forward a series of warning requirements.

  The meeting was held in the form of a video and telephone conference. The autonomous region set up the main venue and 14 districts and cities set up branch venues to achieve full coverage of warning education for leading cadres in the region.

The Plenary Session of the Disciplinary Committee held a warning education conference to further expand the breadth and depth of warning education, and passed the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee that "the party's self-revolution is always on the road" and "always blowing the charge" to every leading cadre.

  This profound warning education class reminds leading cadres at all levels to use typical cases as mirrors, always maintain a sober consciousness of self-revolution, and hand over satisfactory answers to the party and the people on the new road to exams.

Chen Chuan, a member of the Organization Department of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, said: "In the final analysis, corruption is a political deterioration. Leading cadres must always respond firmly to what the Party Central Committee advocates, resolutely do what the Party Central Committee decides, and resolutely do not do what the Party Central Committee prohibits." Huang Guozhe, secretary of the Tianyang District Party Committee in Baise City, said: "We must pay attention to family style and family style, and take care of ourselves, relatives and the staff around us."

  The Disciplinary and Supervision Committee of the autonomous region adheres to the "three nos" in one promotion, selects 38 typical cases from the 78 cases that will be concluded in 2021 at the same level, and does a detailed investigation and handling of the cases in the "second half of the article", requiring the whole district to inspect and supervise the discipline. The authorities dissect the typical cases investigated and dealt with, look for loopholes in supervision and system, adhere to problem orientation, deepen the use of cases to promote reforms, investigate and deal with one case, warn one, and govern one area, vigorously promote the construction of a clean Guangxi, and for the sake of cohesion Concentrate on building a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and provide a strong guarantee for the magnificent Guangxi.